Microscope Stage Heaters

Microscope Stage Heaters

Temperature controlled microscope stages   

Stage Heating Systems from DPMH   

DPMH offer a range of standard and custom heated stage solutions for specific microscope applications. Typical systems include:

Stage Top Heaters
These systems have independent temperature control over the insert, and the insert's glass top.

The assembly is sealed to maintain gas control, and it accepts 3 mm tube for gas delivery. Alternative methods are possible on request.

Systems can be supplied alone or with with CO2 and CO2-O2 controllers.

Open Heated Inserts
Patch clamp and perfusion studies, where access to the sample is essential, will benefit from this type of system. It has an optional dual temperature control configuration for controlling the temperature of the heated insert, and the temperature of media entering the sample area.

Intravital Microscopy Imaging System
Specially designed for whole animal viability during extended imaging experiments, the system has two independent temperature control channels - one for the removable heated insert, the other for a heated blanket. Titanium windows complete the system.

If used with a third independent temperature monitoring system, this solution has been regularly shown to deliver the best results.

Compatible with a wide range of motorised microscopes, the system is often used in two-photon experimental set-ups.


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