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  • High capacity cryorefrigerators
  • Cool-down time 20 minutes
  • From 75 to 170 Kelvin
  • Vibration-free cold head
  • Quiet and maintenance-free

CryoSpectra is a class-leader in the production of superior very low vibration high-power cryorefrigerators for applications such as high power laser crystal cooling. This ability lends itself for use in other demanding cryo-applications in industry and science - especially physics, chemistry and biotechnology. CryoSpectra can also offer custom solutions for demanding cryocooling problems.

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Brand: CryoSpectra Model: CryoSpectra Cryorefrigerators
CryoSpectra deliver the simplest way to bring cryogenic temperatures into a vacuum chamber through their uniquely designed cryorefrigeration systems. With a high cooling capacity from a very small cold head, the system is the easily the best way to cool laser crystals to cryogenic temperatures, t..
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