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EXFO (Test Systems)

  • Intelligent test systems
  • Cable assembly testing
  • High-speed power meters
  • Light sources
  • Variable attenuators

EXFO offer a broad range of test equipment for fibre-optic systems. These include standalone handheld and benchtop instruments, optical sampling oscilloscopes, tuneable laser sources, and modular intelligent test systems with power, PDL and return-loss meters, EDFA boosters, variable attenuators, and polarisation scrambler options.

T200S High sweep-speed tunable laser
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Brand: EXFO Model: T200S High sweep-speed tunable laser
Optical spectral characterization—rapid, reliable and repeatable Accelerate lab to live for next-gen photonics ..
LTB Modular Test Systems - EXFO
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO LTB Platforms
Scalable, flexible solutions for network testing from EXFO    Lab Platforms    EXFO offer several platforms that offer scalable and flexible solutions for fast and efficient testing. The latest EXFO LTB-8 and LTB-1 systems deliver unmatched testing automation, con..
Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO Benchtop
EXFO's comprehensive range of test equipment    Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld    EXFO offer a comprehensive range of benchtop and portable test instruments, delivering top performance and pinpoint accuracy for the optical communications lab..
CT440 - Optical Component Tester
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO CT440
Compact tester for fast and accurate characterisation of passive optical components    CT440 - Optical Component Tester    Features Fast transfer function measurement Wavelength range: 1240 - 1680 nm (SMF model) PM and PDL options Wavelength resoluti..
CTP10 - Component Test Platform
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO CTP10
Test passive components swiftly and efficiently    CTP10 Component Test Platform    Features Industry’s fastest swept wavelength measurement of IL & RL Sweep speeds over 500 nm/s yet sampling resolution is 1 pm State-of-the-art electronics outperfo..
OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO OSA20
The fastest optical spectrum analyser of its kind    OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser    Features Wavelength range of 1250-1700 nm Wavelength resolution: ±10 pm over 1500-1640 nm ±25 pm over 1250-1700 nm Power level acc..
OSICS - Multifunction platform
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Modular platform for fibre-optic component testing    OSICS Multifunction Modular Platform    EXFO's acquisition of Yenista Optics has enabled us to offer the OSICS multifunction modular platform - formerly manufactured by Anritsu. This instrument has the widest s..
T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO T100S-HP
An essential instrument for any optics lab    T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser    Applications Telecom system and component testing Interferometry Sensors & Metrology Spectroscopy Scientific research EXFO's T100S-HP tuneable laser co..
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