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Elliot|Martock for Fibre-optics

  • XYZ Flexure Stages
  • Fibre Launch Solutions
  • Auto-alignment Solutions
  • Linear, Tilt & Rotation Stages
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 Axis Stages
  • Lens Positioners & Accessories

Unique benefits

  • Higher resolution
     - for precise postioning
  • Higher capacity
     - industry leading 4.5 kg load
  • Higher flexure stiffness
     - better stability
  • Superior axis isolation
     - minimal crosstalk between axes

Demand the gold standard in quality and performance! Don’t settle for an inferior non-descript imitation of the original flexure

Back in 1973, Martock Design Ltd (a subsidiary of Elliot Scientific) began developing and manufacturing a range of high precision instruments and equipment to meet the demands of the research and then telecom communities. Today, the latest generation of ELLIOT|MARTOCK XYZ flexure stages continues to be the standard for the research community and for customers who demand the very best in stability, resolution, flexibility and overall performance.

To complement the worldwide success of the ELLIOT|MARTOCK “Gold” flexure stages, a range of micropositioning stages and accessories has been designed to expand the range of solutions which ELLIOT|MARTOCK can provide, from OEM micro-stages and adjusters to complete fibre alignment tools and auto-alignment systems such as the successful DAli-3 fibre auto-alignment system.

Automated Fibre Alignment Systems7

  • DAli 4 automatic alignment system
  • 2-axis control (3 axis Piezo control)
  • Standard or Long Travel piezos
  • Ideal for drift compensation
  • Numerous alignment applications

Elliot Scientific developed the DAli series of two-axis piezo controllers for automated photonic device alignment with piezo-driven flexure stage assemblies. The latest DAli 4 facilitates the rapid and automated alignment of photonic components across a wide range of applications. For example, fibre to fibre or fibre to laser diodes or waveguides. The system has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of external optical detectors and piezo actuators, and can be operated in pairs for critical alignment tasks that require the simultaneous optimisation of two components to a third one.

Fibre Launch Solutions6

  • Elliot Gold™ Series
  • Fibre to fibre alignment
  • Standard & custom V-grooved blocks
Flexure Stage & Alignment Accessories for Fibre-optics75

  • Holders, Platforms & Mounts
  • Rotation modules
  • Microscope objectives & other Accessories
Flexure Stages10

  • Elliot Gold™ Series
  • Manual or Piezo adjusters
  • Piezo controllers
Six Axis Positioner1

  • Traditional 6-axis positioner
  • Left or Right-hand versions
  • Customisable
Waveguide Alignment Systems4

  • Multiple-axis manipulation
  • Complete Professional Workstation
  • Central Workstation
  • Long or short travel options
  • Rack & Pinion Slide

Elliot|Martock has designed two flexure stage based assemblies for the precise alignment of both input and output fibres to an optical waveguide device. The MDE881 Professional Workstation is offered in a choice of standard or long travel motion. For applications where the geometry of the MDE881 is not suitable, Elliot Scientific offers the system as key component parts to allowing custom set-ups to be configured on an optical table or breadboard.