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E22883 - E-Wedge™

E22883 - E-Wedge™
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E22883 - E-Wedge™
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  • Model: Elliot Scientific E22883

Automatic Alignment for Multi-channel Optical Devices   


The E-Wedge™ system is designed to provide automatic alignment for multi-channel optical devices and fibre (US: fiber) V-groove arrays.

The E-Wedge™ system includes automatic roll axis optimisation and compensation for angled device facets. The E-Wedge™ can be configured as a dual-ended automatic waveguide/device alignment workstation providing simultaneous alignment of input and output fibre arrays.

The system can be customised to provide the number of axes needed for any particular devices. Holding fixtures are available for the full range of devices, fibres and v-groove arrays. Custom fixtures can also be provided.

Automatic alignment is provided by two E2300 DAli 3 controllers, designed to speed up and automate alignment in a wide range of applications such as laser diode to single-mode fibre, or input and output pigtailing to waveguide devices, couplers, splitters and WDMs.

E22884 - E-Wedge

E-Wedge™ resolution for 25 µm piezo drive:
10 nm in X, Y & Z axes
E-Wedge™ resolution for 100 µm piezo drive:
50 nm in X, Y & Z axes
E-Wedge™ rotation for all piezo drives:
< 0.1 arc seconds

E-Wedge V-Groove Alignment System



The E2300 is a sophisticated 2-axis controller suitable for the piezo-actuated versions of our Elliot Gold™ Series flexure stages, and works by locating and optimising an optical signal fed back from any suitable detector.

The user interface features a convenient menu-driven system with full control over the scan parameters. A USB interface with LabVIEW™ drivers is provided for full remote control of the instrument, allowing it to be incorporated into automated test and measurement rigs or production alignment systems.

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