CryoLab Series

CryoLab Series
CryoLab Series CryoLab Series CryoLab Series CryoLab Series CryoLab Series CryoLab Series CryoLab Series

CryoLab Series   

Plug-and-play cryogenic measurements   

The CryoLab is a fully integrated desktop cryocooler system designed for rapid circuit or material characterisation measurements from ambient down to cryogenic temperatures in a fully automated manner. Doing measurements doesn’t require any experience or know-how on cryogenics, vacuum technology or thermodynamics from the user, as demonstrated in the video below.

Features & Applications

  • Plug-and-play cooling platform
  • Fast, controlled temperature cycling
  • One system - various applications:
    • High temperature superconductors (HTS)
    • Thin films
    • Thermoelectrics - The Seebeck effect (video demo)
    • Resistance & Hall coefficient measurements by the van der Pauw Method
    • Optical sensors
  • No cryogenic fluids involved
  • Integrated pump option

The test sample - maximum size 10 x 10 mm - is affixed to a guitar-shaped carrier (right) and up to 8 electrical connections can be made to it from integrated bonding/solder pads (more on request). These are routed through the CryoLab for connection to your preferred DAQ interface, or a CryoLab Breakout Box.

Although the DEMCON kryoz CryoLab can be fully operated as a stand-alone, the companion CryoVision software enables control of the system in more detail. All parameters can be seen at a glance, and switching between user-defined set-points and saved programs can be made. Data created can then exported.

A smartphone app - the CryoVision Monitor (below right) - is also available for remote tracking of your experiment.


 CryoLab Model S SP MSG
 Temperature range 90 to 373 °K 75 to 298 °K
 Cooling power 100 mw at 95 °K  75 mw at 80 °K 
 Cool-down time (sample free)  25 minutes 30 minutes
 Integral vacuum pump No Yes No
 Vacuum range (mbar)    10-3 to 10-5   
 Sample size/weight Up to 10 mm x 10 mm, 1.5 g max
 Sample voltage/current Up to 10 V, 20 mA max

CryoLab is an elegant way to perform cryogenic measurements in a simple, fast, and controlled manner. Download the brochure from the Documents menu upper right, or use the Request Quote button below to contact us now for prices and availability.


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Availability: 4 to 6 weeks
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