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Ultrafast Fibre Lasers

Ultrafast Fibre Lasers
Ultrafast Fibre Lasers
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Ultrafast Fibre Lasers
Ultrafast Fibre Lasers
Ultrafast Fibre Lasers
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Pico and femtosecond fibre lasers   

Ultrafast lasers  


  • Ultra-compact laser heads
  • All-fibre design
  • Flexible fibre delivery
  • Integrated scanner option
  • Outstanding stability
  • Lost cost to buy and run
  • 3 year warranty

IPG Photonics is developing a range of green, infrared, and mid-IR high speed fibre and fiber-to-bulk hybrid lasers operating in the pico and femtosecond regimes, making them ideal for scientific and medical research. Material processing applications, such as flat panel displays; thin films; and semiconductor processing, can also benefit.

Ultrashort pulse durations in the 10-11 to 10-13 s range are generated by a master oscillator/ fibre power amplifier (MOFPA) architecture, and are particularly well suited for generating pulse energies in the range from several microjoules to ~1 mJ with repetition rates from 10 kHz to 3 MHz.

IPG Photonics currently offer these pulsed lasers at 1030 nm .

IPG also offer a hybrid fibre-to-crystal pico and femtosecond pulsed mid-IR lasers, please contact us for details.:

  • Ho:YAG picosecond laser 2090 nm 20 W 100 to 500 ps
  • CLPF femtosecond modelocked lasers with fixed or tuneable wavelength centered on 2400 nm, 80 MHz, 40-100 fs 6 W; also second harmonic centered on 1200 nm)
 YLPF Series
 Model YLPF-10-500-10-R YLPF-50-500-50-R
 Wavelength (nm) 1030
 Average Power 10 W 50 W (Max.)
 Peak Power, MW up to 100
 Pulse Energy 10 µJ 50 µJ
 Pulse Duration, fs < 500 (300 typical)
 Repetition Rate 50-1000 kHz 50-2000 kHz
 Beam Mode Quality, M2 < 1.4 (1.2 typical)
 YLPP Series
 Model YLPP-25-3-50-R
 Central Wavelength (nm) 1030
 Average Power (W) 50
 Peak Power (MW) up to 10
 Pulse Energy (µJ) 25
 Pulse Duration (ps) 1 to 3 (2 typical)
 Repetition Rate (kHz) 50-2000
 Beam Mode Quality, M2 < 1.4 (1.2 typical)

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