Lyncee Tec (Bio)

Lyncee Tec (Bio)

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Lyncée Tec of Switzerland offer digital holographic imaging (DHM®) techniques for life science, materials science, and industrial inspection - making the invisible visible. DHM® is a non-scanning non-contact technology that instantly delivers 3D & 4D topography.

DHM® enables label-free non-invasive millisecond to multi-days continuous measurement of cells, while quantitative phase measurements (QPM) provide quantitative information about cell morphology and intracellular content, cell proliferation and viability, trans-membrane ionic currents and water transport among others.

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DHM®-R Series Microscopes
Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for reflection    DHM®-R Series    Applications Surface topography Defect inspection MEMS measurement Structured thin films The Lyncée Tec DHM®-R series of reflection configured holographic microscop....
DHM®-T Series Microscopes
Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for transmission    DHM®-T Series    Applications Micro-optical characterisation Microfluidic characterisation Defect detection Cellular research The Lyncée Tec DHM®-T series of microscopes are desig....
DHM® Camera
Add phase imaging to your existing fluorescence microscope    Digital Holographic Camera    Specifications Magnification from 5x to 100x Large field of view: 1.2 mm2 (at 10x) 5 MP sCMOS camera sensor Up to 75 fps acquisition speed The Digital....
DHM® Inspection Solutions
Incoporate phase imaging into your workflow    DHM® Solutions for Industry    Lyncée Tec's Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) patented technology utilises a video camera to record a hologram produced by the interference between a reference laser beam and the l....
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