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Microscopy & Imaging

Microscopy & Imaging

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  • Ultra High Power LED light sources
  • LEDs & fibre for Optogenetics in-vivo
  • LEDs & fibre for Optogenetics in-vitro
  • Collimated modular LED light sources
  • Fibre-coupled LED light sources

Prizmatix is a scientist-led company specialising in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy, optogenetics, and other scientific or industrial applications. Prizmatix systems incorporate the latest technologies in modular packages to offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing for bioscience, neuroscience, chemistry, physics, neurobiology, biochemistry et al.


  • Nanopositioning stages
  • Single or Multi-axis
  • Tip & Tilt systems
  • Focusing stages
  • DSP control systems

nPoint is a leading manufacturer of piezo-actuated flexure-based nanopositioning systems for microscopy and imaging applications.

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  • Transmission DHM® Microscopes
  • Reflection DHM® Microscopes
  • Digital Holographic Camera
  • Holographic Macroscope
  • Custom DHM® solutions

Lyncée Tec of Switzerland offer digital holographic imaging (DHM®) techniques for microscopy and imaging - making the invisible visible. DHM® is a non-scanning non-contact technology that instantly delivers 3D & 4D topography. DHM® enables label-free non-invasive millisecond to multi-days continuous measurement of cells, while quantitative phase measurements (QPM) provide quantitative information about cell morphology and intracellular content, cell proliferation and viability, trans-membrane ionic currents and water transport among others.


  • Microscope incubators
  • Stage top heaters
  • Open heated inserts
  • Gas controllers
  • Custom design and build service

DPMH - Surrey-based Digital Pixels has been designing and supplying equipment for the research microscopy community throughout the world for nearly two decades. More recently, under the Microscope Heaters brand, they have developed, designed and manufactured a wide range of fanless enclosure systems for maintaining cell viability within microscopy and imaging applications for leading universities and research institutes.