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  • Digital instruments, data loggers, digital voltmeters and dynamic analysis systems
  • Simfire devices
  • Radar systems
  • Aerospace gas pressure 
  • Fuel density sensors 

AMETEK Scientific Instruments manufactures a range of application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) products focused on solar cell / photovoltaic research (developed in collaboration with Professor Laurie Peter of the University of Bath, UK). These products are so versatile that they can also be used for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting applications; and make use of Solartron’s unique high performance XM specified potentiostats and frequency response analyzers to provide a full complement of techniques for research into energy, corrosion and analytical electrochemistry.

EnergyLab XM
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Brand: AMETEK Scientific Instruments Model: EnergyLab XM
Supplied internal capability to ± 2A Range of external current boosters up to ± 100A  Supplied four (4) auxiliary differential voltage inputs for anode/cathode simultaneous impedance XM-Studio software is included with all Apps-XM Series systems EnergyLab XM's impedance accuracy contour..
Materials Lab XM
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Brand: AMETEK Scientific Instruments Model: Materials Lab XM
Materials Lab XM Impedance range from 1 mOhm to 1 TOhm (1E15 Range) Small footprint and application-focus design Auxiliary measurement port for synchronized measurement of optical, mechanical or other transducers. Instant switching between time Domain (IV, fast pulse) and AC (C-V, impeda..
ModuLab XM ECS
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Brand: AMETEK Scientific Instruments Model: ModuLab XM ECS
ModuLab XM ECS    ModuLab PhotoEchem XM is a configurable platform product that is primarily focused on solar cell and photovoltaic research.   The system, based upon Solartron Analytical's world-leading experience in transfer function measurements, offers a high-quality meas..
ModuLab XM MTS
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Brand: AMETEK Scientific Instruments Model: ModuLab XM MTS
ModuLab XM MTS  ModuLab XM MTS is configurable design for materials, electrochemistry and photovoltaic measurements. The ModuLab XM MTS can perform time domain (DC) and frequency domain (AC) tests.  Accessories control temperature from cryostat to furnace levels and integrate throu..
SI-6200 Battery Analyzer
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Brand: AMETEK Scientific Instruments Model: SI-6200 Battery Analyzer
Solartron battery analyzers offer much more than standard battery cyclers, providing a a wide range of analytical capabilities.  In addition to all the features of a standard battery analyser, the SI-6200 includes built-in EIS capability on every channel (not multiplexed) and patent-pending dir..
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