Elliot Scientific supports research in spectroscopy with a wide variety of products, instruments and systems. From intense light sources, to detectors, spectrometers, microspectrometers, analysers and other optical instrumentation.


CRAIC Technologies

  •  UV-Vis-NIR microanalysis
  •  UV & NIR microscopes
  •  Raman microspectrometers
  •  Thermal stages
  •  Software & ancilliaries

CRAIC Technologies is a leading developer of superior UV-visible-NIR microanalysis instruments for science, industry and forensics. Products include UV and NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers, Raman microspectrometers, instruments to measure thin film thickness and colourimetry on the microscopic scale. Spectra and images of samples less than a micron across can be acquired and specialised systems have been developed for a number of fields including vitrinite coal analysis and semiconductor metrology.

Energetiq Technologies

  •  LDLS™ Laser-Driven Light Source
  •  Bright and broadband - UV to IR
  •  Free-space or fibre-coupled
  •  Long life lamp
  •  Low cost of ownership

Energetiq® plasma-based light sources for nanoscale applications are a new way forward in illumination technology. Energetiq® lamps use laser activated plasma to generate light without electrodes. Already established in the Semiconductor sector, the Life Sciences are yet to benefit from these point light sources that can offer up to 10x the intensity of traditional lamps, longer working lives and therefore lower cost of ownership in the long term.

Gamma Scientific

  •  Spectroradiometers & Spectrometers
  •  Photometers & Colourimeters
  •  Radiometric sensors & Photodetectors
  •  Integrating spheres & Reflectometers
  •  Light sources - filament & LED

Gamma Scientific produce LED, display, high- and low-level (NVIS) light measurement test solutions for production, quality control and R&D environments. Fifty years of experience in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology ensures Gamma Scientific's laboratory grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, colourimeters and light sources are among the best in the world.

Mad City Labs

  •  Nanopositioning stages
  •  Single or Multi-axis
  •  Rotational and Tip & Tilt systems
  •  Microscope platforms
  •  Focusing elements

Mad City Labs is a leading manufacturer of flexure based nanopositioning systems capable of picometre positioning resolution. Their product line covers the entire spectrum of nanopositioning capabilities while maintaining a leadership role in multi-axis stages for high speed optical microscopy imaging and spectroscopy.


  •  Ultra High Power LED light sources
  •  LEDs and fibre for Optogenetics in-vivo
  •  LEDs and fibre for Optogenetics in-vitro
  •  Collimated modular LED light sources
  •  Fibre-coupled LED light sources

Prizmatix is scientist-led company specialising in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy, optogenetics, and other scientific or industrial applications. Prizmatix systems incorporate the latest technologies in modular packages to offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing for bioscience, neuroscience, chemistry, physics, neurobiology, biochemistry et al.

Spectral Products

  •  Spectrometers & Spectrophotometers
  •  Spectrum analysers & Spectrographs
  •  Monochromators
  •  Automated filter wheels
  •  Light Sources

Spectral Products is a world leader in optical instrumentation technology and products. Formerly a division of CVI Laser, Spectral Products builds on its rich heritage and extensive technical knowledge to offer a broad range of innovative solutions from components to systems and modules. Spectral Products is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of optical instruments including spectrometers, monochromators, spectrum analysers, detection systems, spectrophotometers, spectrographs, light sources as well as fibre optic cables and couplers.

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