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Handheld Spectrometer Modules

Handheld Spectrometer Modules
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  • Model: GoyaLab Indigo series

GoyaLab introduces the IndiGo Handheld spectrometer- spectroscopy at your fingertips


IndiGo puts the power of spectroscopy in the hands of everyone. Elliot Scientific offers GoyaLab's compact handheld spectrometers. This patented technology transforms any smartphone into a light spectrometer to measure, record, analyze and export spectral data. It is the perfect companion for professionals, non spectrometry specialist, who needs to measure a light spectrum on the go.

This handheld spectrometer allows Multi- use applications. eg.  Authentication (Taggants, Quantum Dots…), gemology (for the identification of precious stones).  food industry,  water quality, for education & research, 

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