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Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE216
High Precision Manual Adjuster    MDE216    Negligible backlash Graduated knob Output via non-rotating hard steel ball Positive travel limit stops on control knob Coarse adjustment:   8.0 mm travel, 1 µm resolution Fine adjustment:  &nb..
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE217
Standard Manual Adjuster    MDE217    8.0 mm travel 1 µm resolution Cost effective The MDE217 is a standard manual adjuster incorporating a 12 mm diameter sleeve matched to the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages. It has 1 µm resolution and provides a c..
MDE218 - Standard Piezo Adjuster - 25 µm piezo travel
Limited Stock
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE218
Standard Piezo Adjuster with 25 µm travel    MDE218    25 µm direct-drive piezo 8 mm coarse travel on 0.25 pitch thread Adjustable hard stop prevents damage to the piezo when axis is at full mechanical extension Standard piezo adjuster for applications..
MDE227 - Long Travel Piezo Adjuster - 100 µm piezo travel
Limited Stock
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE227
Long Travel (100 µm) Piezo Adjuster    MDE227    100 µm travel 50 nm resolution This Long Travel Piezo Adjuster is for applications requiring an increased range of high precision adjustment. The MDE227 gives 100 µm of piezo travel with 50 nm resolution b..
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