MDE216 - High Precision Manual Adjuster

MDE216  - High Precision Manual Adjuster

High Precision Manual Adjuster   


  • Negligible backlash
  • Graduated knob
  • Output via non-rotating hard steel ball
  • Positive travel limit stops on control knob
  • Coarse adjustment:   8.0 mm travel, 1 µm resolution
  • Fine adjustment:   0.3 mm travel, 20 nm resolution
  • Very smooth feel, largely independent of applied load
  • Santoprene control ring allows a delicate touch and reduces heat transfer into the drive

The MDE216 high precision adjuster is based on a patented mechanical lever system and is the highest resolution mechanical (non-piezo) adjuster in the Elliot Scientific range. It is ideal for use with the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages as it incorporates a 12 mm diameter matching sleeve. Travel is 8 mm (limited to 2 mm in flexure stages), with 20 nm resolution on the fine control.

Not all applications require that three adjusters be fitted in a flexure stage. Substitution with an MDE229 fixed axis spacer sets an axis in mid travel position and provides a cost saving. At a later date it can be replaced by an adjuster if user requirements change.

Coarse adjustment   8 mm travel, 1 µm resolution
Fine adjustment 0.3 mm travel, 20 nm resolution
Readout Graduated knob with 50 arbitrary divisions

† Patent Nos. GB 2152616B & USA 4617833

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