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  • Model: PARSTAT4000A
  • Highest degree of DC Voltage Accuracy. Measure a 4.3V battery 4x more accurately.
  • Wide dynamic current range both standard (±4A to ±40 pA range, 1.2 fA) and expandable (±20A to ±4 pA, 122 aA)
  • New Stability Modes expand compatibility with a range of cells and samples.
  • Improved implementation of EIS technique including advanced calibration, faster duration, new algorithms and increased bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included

The PARSTAT 4000A stands alone in its ability to deliver high compliance voltage and wide dynamic current range, as standard, to cover a range of applications. The PARSTAT 4000A builds on PAR's history as the world-leader in DC electrochemical measurements and takes advantage of a common R/D team with Solartron Analytical, the world-leader in Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) technology, to provide a best-in-class complete system.

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