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Microscope Gas Controllers

Microscope Gas Controllers
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Microscope Gas Controllers
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Carbon Dioxide control for maintaining cell viability   

Gas Control Systems from DPMH   

A number of cell systems require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods of time. Although achievable using a 5% CO2 cylinder, these expensive and bulky solutions are limited in their ability to deliver flexible and reliable gas concentrations.


  • Microprocessor controlled gas levels
  • High performance NIR CO2 detector
  • Long life pump
  • Requires only 100% CO2 gas supply
          No O2 or N2 needed

DPMH offer three solutions that only require a single 100% CO2 gas supply:

  • Single microscope controllers
  • Core Microscope Facility controllers
  • SuperSeal™ enhanced sealed incubation systems

To complement these systems, DPMH manufacture a range of sealed inserts with clear glass lids to allow for easy access, and designed for industry standard motorised stages. The inserts accept multiwell plates, slides, and Petri dishes.

Gas is introduced through a push-fit 3 mm flexible tube connector, minimising any drag on the stage, and enabling ideal CO2 concentrations at the sample. Other connection options on request.

Model range

DP_2000_CO2_STD for single microscope system
Featuring a long life internal pump, four flow settings including OFF (without powering down the controller) enable precise flow rate control. CO2 concentration can be within the range 0.1 to 20%. Relative humidity monitoring and control is also available as an option.

Designed for hypoxia studies, this system measures CO2 and O2 concentrations within the sample area. The microprocessor-based technology maintains gas concentrations in the sample area via direct measurement, providing clear and obvious benefits over measuring these at a distance.

SuperSeal™ System
An experiment at the University of Heidelberg required CO2 control for maintaining cell viability, and full access to a multi-well dish in order to add a drug at certain points in the cell cycle.

DPMH's unique Enhanced Sealing Technology enabled the researchers to achieve both these goals and maintain temperature stability.

Several microscopes can be supplied CO2 by this flow controller. The enhanced pumping system and large bore 6 mm tubing can supply up to three microscopes situated within 15 m of the equipment. The flow rate can be controlled internally via four flow settings using a simple rate dial, and the easy to use front panel shows the set and actual values of the CO2 concentrations. The range of the system is 0.1 to 20%.

For use only with the SuperSeal™ microscope incubation system, this model is designed to control the CO2 concentration within the whole unit. The gas is delivered directly into the sample area, and concentration is measured close by. These systems are designed for applications requiring complete access to the sample. When the addition of a drug or other perturbing material is required during a time lapse experiment for example.

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