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ESL-4901-EMB-PSS-50 Raman microscope slide

ESL-4901-EMB-PSS-50 Raman microscope slide
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  • Model: ESL-4901-EMB- PSS-50 Raman microscope slide

ESL 4901-EMB-PSS-50  Raman microscope slide

  • Polished Raman stainless steel microscope slides
  • 25x75x0.9mm
  • Pack of 50 slides


The polished Raman stainless steel microscope slides are manufactured from a polished stainless steel substrate and ideal for Raman microscopy applictions (reflected light) where the application will benefit from a chemically resistant and reflective surface. Stainless Steel provides a very low background for Raman spectroscopy and can often imporve signal intensity for analysis of  biological tissue samples. The robust and typically re-useable nature of stainless steel makes it an ideal replacement for delicate substrates such as Calcium Fluoride CaF2 slides.

Supplied in packs of 50x off and 100x off


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