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MDE261A-XZ - Dual Axis Very-Small XZ Micropositioner Stage

MDE261A-XZ - Dual Axis Very-Small XZ Micropositioner Stage
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MDE261A-XZ - Dual Axis Very-Small XZ Micropositioner Stage
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  • Model: Martock MDE261A-XZ

Dual Axis XZ Very-Small Micropositioner Stage   


  • Wide range of configurations
  • Very smooth backlash-free motion
  • Micrometer adjuster
  • Very small dovetail slides

A very small, dual axis micropositioner with simple adjustment for XZ linear translation stage applications in physics experiments or optical systems.

Specifications MDE262M XY Micrometer Micropositioner Axis Diagram
MDE261 Series Drawing
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< 0.5 µm

Adjusters 0.25 pitch
(2.5 mm hk socket/knurled knob)
Top plate 26 x 20 mm
Mounting holes  Four M2 x 2 mm deep
Thickness 16 mm
Lockable travel
Vacuum version

Lock mechanism
Locking mechanism


Note: Surface mating with these micropositioners must be truly flat. Unflat surfaces or overtightened screws will cause the slide motion to be jerky and stiff due to distortion. Dovetail slides, unlike miniature ball slides, are unlikely to be permanently damaged by temporary distortion, as the load is supported on a comparatively large area.

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