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Frames & Styles by NoIR LaserShields

  • Spectacles & Goggles
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • CE certified
Frames and Styles - Noir
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Brand: NoIR LaserShields Model: NoIR LaserShields Frames and Styles
CE-certified NoIR LaserShields® : Frames and Styles    NoIR LaserShields® : Frames and Styles    The human eye can be permanently injured from direct or reflected exposure to laser energy or other intense light sources such as high-power LEDs and pl..
AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShield FOR Alexandrite/Diode Lasers
Limited Stock
Brand: NoIR LaserShields Model: AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShields® Filter
CE-certified filter for   Product Category Type: Laser Filter Lens Color: Pink Wavelength Type: Infrared, Visible Application: Ultrafast, Medical, Scientific VLT: 33% CE Rating: 190-315 D LB8..
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