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AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShield FOR Alexandrite/Diode Lasers

AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShield FOR Alexandrite/Diode Lasers
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AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShield FOR Alexandrite/Diode Lasers
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  • Model: AXX/35 - NoIR LaserShields® Filter

CE-certified filter for  

Product Category Type: Laser Filter
Lens Color: Pink
Wavelength Type: Infrared, Visible
Application: Ultrafast, Medical, Scientific
VLT: 33%
CE Rating: 190-315 D LB8 + IR LB4
>315-390 DIRM LB6
720-810 D LB6 + IM LB7 + R LB5
>810-830 DIRM LB5 S
Ce Certified: Yes
Wavelength (nm) / OD: 190-400 6+
720-810 7+
>810-830 5+
Disclaimer: Filter characteristic data points are nominally represented here solely for informational purposes. We guarantee only those specifications, including Optical Densities, CE ratings and VLT, that are imprinted on the eye protectors and listed on filter data sheets and web pages.
Filter Material: Polymer
Elliot Scientific recommends you consult your laser safety officer, appropriate laser safety standards and laser system documentation to ensure correct choice of eyewear and safe laser use. As eyewear offers protection only against incidental exposure to specified beam energies, the incorrect choice and use of eyewear may lead to serious personal injury or blindness.

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