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Fibre Focusers - μLS

Fibre Focusers - μLS
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Fibre Focusers - μLS
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  • Model: μLS Fibre Focuser

Diffraction limited spots at long distances   

Fibre Focusers   

  • Air spaced design
  • No epoxy in the optical path
  • Long working distance
  • 10 mm aperture size
  • Precision aligned optics
  • FC, FC/APC, or pigtailed
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Probing hazardous environments
  • Confocal instrumentation
  • Flow cytometry
  • Genetic sequencing
  • Micro array scanners
  • Direct write systems
  • Materials processing and analysis

The Micro Laser Systems' Fibre Focuser generates diffraction limited micron spot sizes at long working distances via its Focusing Cell. It is an epoxy-free multi-element air spaced design that is optimised to work with singlemode fibres (US: fibers), polarisation maintaining (PM) fibres and large mode area (LMA) fibres.

The Fibre Focuser can be adjusted to work optimally at any one wavelength within the limits of its AR coating. The Focusing Cell screws onto the main collimator to provide a convenient and compact way to define the focused spot. This method avoids additional optic holders and alignment problems.

The Fibre Focuser's optical materials have been chosen to eliminate or minimise laser-induced fluorescence, especially in the visible, and are housed in a stainless steel body to shield from the effects of temperature.

The standard Micro Laser Systems' Fibre Focuser is available with a choice of either FC or FC/APC receptacles, or it can be pigtailed with a particular fibre. Custom versions can be supplied with fixed wavelengths, polarisers, beam splitters, detectors, or other optics.

Further customisation, such as alternative housing materials for hazardous environments, mounting holes or slots, and special wavelength ranges, can be ordered as Micro Laser Systems manufacture all components in-house. Complete systems, that include a diode laser, can also be supplied. Please contact us for details.

FC: Ferrule Connector
APC: Angled Physical Contact

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