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Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector - μLS

Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector - μLS
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Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector - μLS
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  • Model: μLS Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector

Gathers light for sensors, detectors, and spectrometers   

Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector   

  • Designed for multimode fibres
  • Collects all wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm or 750 to 1600 nm
  • Injects into 100 µm or larger core fibre with >90% efficiency
  • 10 mm aperture size
  • Front aperture can accept ½" inch optics
  • Adjustable focus
  • Standard SMA receptacle or pigtail

The Micro Laser Systems' FR10 Fibre Receiver has been designed to collect reasonably collimated light and inject it into a 100 µm or larger core fibre with greater than 90% efficiency.

As most fibre collimators on the market are designed to operate best at a single wavelength, they perform poorly when collecting light from multiple wavelengths for injecting into a fibre. As the FR10 Fibre Receiver has been engineered specifically for this task, it delivers a much larger signal than if using a reversed collimator in the same situation.

FL10 Cell mount​Housed in stainless steel and fitted with an SMA (Sub Miniature A) connector, the FR10 Fibre Receiver is delivered with a factory preset focus for collimated light. However, if you are working at the lower or upper end of the spectrum, or if the light source is not as collimated as one would like, focus can be user adjusted for better coupling and optimal signal strength.

The receiver's 10 mm aperture is threaded to accept sensors or ½" inch optics such as filters. Extra items can be added via the convenience of the FL10 Cell mount (pictured right), and a ring adapter for mounting to common optical mounts and optical fibre assemblies is also available.

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