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850 LPF Iridian Imaging Filter

850 LPF Iridian Imaging Filter
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850 LPF Iridian Imaging Filter
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  • Model: Iridian 850 LPF

Filter for Imaging applications   

850 LPF   

This dielectric optical filter from Iridian Spectral Technologies has been designed for machine vision, imaging, and other applications.

Depending on the model chosen, the filter will pass specific UV, visible, or IR wavelengths and block out unwanted wavelengths.

The filters can be used to improve image contrast or isolate spectral regions and colours. They are very durable and offer:

  • Steep edges (cut-offs down to 40 cm-1)
  • High transmission (> 94%) and high blocking (> OD 3)
  • Optimised for use with various LED light sources
  • Selection of threaded mount sizes available from M25.5 to M62
  • Other standard colour wavelengths and bandwidths available, custom ones on request
CutOn Wavelength (nm) 850
Transmission Wavelength (nm) 880 – 2000
Rejection Wavelength (nm) 635 – 805
Outer Diameter (mm) 27.5
Clear Aperture (CA) (mm) 21.5
Filter Thread M25.5 x 0.5
Transmission (%) >85
Surface Quality 40 – 20
OD 2
Substrate Fused Silica
* Other thread sizes available: M30.5 x 0.5 | M40.5 x 0.5 | M43 x 0.75 | M62 x 0.75

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