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BPF 4260-120 Iridian mid-IR Filter

BPF 4260-120 Iridian mid-IR Filter
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BPF 4260-120 Iridian mid-IR Filter
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  • Model: Iridian BPF 4260-120

Filter for mid-IR bandpass applications   

BPF 4260-120   

This optical filter from Iridian Spectral Technologies has been designed to optimise the detection of spectral emission lines.

Manufactured using a sputtering process, these hard and durable filters deliver exceptionally high transmittance levels and blocking from the visible to the LWIR.

Many of the wavelengths commonly used for gas detection are covered in this range, including H2O; CH4; CO2; CO; N2O; and O3. Other wavelengths or designs can be supplied on request.

Description Gas line filter for CO2 detection
Centre Wavelength (nm) 4260
FWHM (nm) 120
Angle of Incidence (degrees) 0
Transmittance (%) 80
Blocking Wavelength Range (nm) 1000 - 10 000 (Level OD 3 | < 0.1%) *
Filter thickness (mm) 0.75
Outer Diameter (mm) 25.4 +0.0/-0.2
Scratch / Dig 80/50
* Optional 1000 - 30 000 nm blocking wavelength range on request

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