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405 BPF Iridian Bandpass Filter for Raman

405 BPF Iridian Bandpass Filter for Raman
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405 BPF Iridian Bandpass Filter for Raman
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Bandpass Filter for Raman applications   

405 BPF   

Iridian's range of spectroscopic bandpass filters include laser and spectral emission line filters, emission and excitation filters.

These are ideally suited for Raman techniques as they feature:

  • Pass band transmission typically > 90%
  • Full width, half-maximum (FWHM) narrow bandwith is typically 2 ±1 nm
  • Excellent blocking from 300 to 1200 nm

The laser line filters are optimised to reduce the spectral noise of a laser source, and pass only the desired laser wavelength through a steep transition from pass band to deep blocking.

Iridian can also custom manufacture a laser line filter to your specification, such as laser wavelength, desired FWHM, angle of incidence, polarisation, and blocking range. Please contact us for further information.

Centre Wavelength (nm) 405
Transmittance (%) > 80
FWHM (nm) 2.2 (typical)
OD 3 Blocking Bandwidth (nm) 4.5
Blocking Range (nm) 300 - 1200
Blocking Level (OD) > 3
Angle of Incidence
Filter thickness (mm) 3
Clear Aperture of ½" or 1" optics (mm) 8 or 21
Outer Diameter of ½" or 1" optics (mm) 12.5 +0/-0.1 or 25 +0/-0.2
Ring mounted Yes
Ring Thickness (mm) 5
Scratch / Dig 80/50

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