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Siskiyou Photonics

  • Linear & rotary stages
  • Multi-axis stages
  • Dovetail slides
  • Flexure, kinematic & gimbal mounts
  • Lab jack systems

Siskiyou offers a diverse range of modular opto-mechanical building blocks to Photonics and Life Science researchers. The company has been a leading manufacturer of laboratory mechanicals, photonics components and precision position products for decades. From the beginning, these products have been produced with quality and flexibility in mind. Siskiyou's superior engineering provides the end user with a product that fulfills the designed function and lasts far longer than the competition.

Multi-axis Lens Positioners
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Lens Positioners
2-, 3- and 5-axis optical translators    Multi-axis Lens Positioners    Siskiyou offer two ranges of optical translator. The OT series of lens positioner use 80 TPI Soft Touch colour-coded adjusters and can be ordered vacuum compatible. The robust OTX series is de..
Multi-axis Stages with up to 50 mm (1.97") of travel
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Multi-axis Stages
Multi-axis stages of various size and configuration    Multi-axis stages with up to 50 mm (1.97") of travel    The crossed roller bearing linear translation slide range from Siskiyou Corporation form the basis of a comprehensive portfolio of ready-built XY, YZ, and XYZ asse..
MXT Tilt Platforms
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Tilt Platforms
Tilt platforms with adjustable angles    Tilt platforms    Siskiyou manufacture three different designs of tilt platform for the optical laboratory. MXT Tilt Platform The Siskiyou MXT is a small, stable tilt platform. The angle of attack, from zero to 45°, is adj..
PY-6M Pitch/ Yaw platform
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou PY-6 M
Pitch Yaw larger load platform  The PY-6 is designed for heavier and larger applications than the PY‑2/ PY-4 variants. Like the smaller load units the PY-6 larger load version in­corporates the same patented pivot design (pat.# 6590723), but has been engineered to hold la..
Rotation Stages for optics up to 50 mm (2") in diameter
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Rotary Stages
Manual and motorised rotation stages with a smooth ball bearing action    Rotation Stages for optics up to 50 mm (2") in diameter    The RS series of rotation stages from Siskiyou Corporation are built upon the company's unique integrated ball bearing design, delivering 360..
Breadboards, Platforms and Tiles
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Breadboards, Platforms and Tiles
Aluminium plates pre-drilled and threaded    Breadboards, Platforms & Tiles    Siskiyou offer a range of Breadboards, Platforms and Tiles manufactured from solid aluminium for the laboratory. They are designed for maximum flexibility and machinability, and can b..
Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips
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Brand: Siskiyou Model: Siskiyou Magnetic Components
Components for anchoring or positioning attachments    Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips    Positioning items on isolation tables lacking mounting holes or any magnetic surface is made easier with these Siskiyou bases, feet and strips. Bases MGB magnetic base..
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