Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources

Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources
Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources

Modular Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources from 365 to 630 nm   

Prizmatix Fibre-coupled High & Ultra High Power LED Devices   

The fibre-coupled Ultra High Power LED series provides almost x10 increase of power in comparison with regular high-power LED devices. The Ultra High Power LEDs are an effective replacement of Mercury and Xenon lamps as well as lasers in many power-demanding applications such as fluorochrome activation in optogenetics, photocycle kinetics, fluorescence microscopy, chemical reaction activation, uncaging and numerous others.

Prizmatix’s Ultra High Power LED head features built-in adjustable aspheric collimator to provide collimated beam suitable for direct connection to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope.

The Ultra High Power LED head can be easily modified for fibre optic applications with a specially designed Fibre Coupler adaptor for high NA fibres. This ensures maximum light coupling efficiency and makes it possible to achieve extreme light power from the distal end of fibres suitable for optogenetics applications.

Wavelength Range

365 nm  ►     
385 nm  ►     
405 nm  ►     
450 nm  ►     
455 nm  ►     
460 nm  ►     
470 nm  ►     
505 nm  ►     
520 nm  ►     
595 nm  ►     
620 nm  ►     
625 nm  ►     
630 nm  ►       
635 nm  ►       
650 nm  ►       
655 nm  ►       
670 nm  ►       
730 nm  ►       
White  ►   

Key Features

  • Ultra high-power LED light
  • TTL external triggering
  • Easy connection to:
    • Microscopes
    • Fibre-optics
    • Lightguides
  • Excellent for fluorescence excitation
  • Optional band pass filtering
  • Precisely adjustable, stable power
  • Long life
  • Speckle free
  • Rapid warm up time

The Ultra High Power LED can be used with a full range of other Prizmatix products. These include: Fibre Coupler, Liquid Light Guide Coupler, Beam Combiner, Filter Wheel, Beam Switcher, Rotary Joint, and others that combine to form the comprehensive Optogenetics Toolbox for researchers working in neuroscience, neurobiology, biochemistry and biophysics.

High-power Fibre-coupled Mic-LED Light Sources

Fibre-coupled Mic-LEDs are available in a wide range of wavelengths (shown right) plus white, along with diverse fibre-optic options and accessorires such as collimators and focussers. Every Mic-LED is shipped with a specific test report providing information on the total beam power and its emission spectrum.

Key Features

  • High-power LED
  • Long life, no lamp replacement required
  • Compatible with standard SM1 (1.035"-40) thread
  • No excessive heat, no speckles, no vibrating or moving parts
  • Adjustable power - 10-turn potentiometer or analogue input (0-5 Vdc)
  • Low optical noise (< 0.03% rms)
  • Fast triggering via TTL input (Rise / Fall time < 5 µs)
  • Opto-Isolated TTL and analogue inputs eliminate ground-loop
  • USB control (optional)
  • Can be driven in either continuous or pulsed modes
365 nm       
375 nm       
385 nm       
390 nm       
395 nm       
400 nm       
405 nm       
410 nm       
415 nm       
420 nm       
425 nm       
430 nm       
435 nm       
440 nm       
445 nm       
455 nm       
460 nm       
470 nm       
475 nm       
480 nm       
500 nm       
515 nm       
520 nm       
530 nm       
535 nm       
550 nm       
595 nm       
630 nm      
640 nm      
670 nm      
740 nm      
760 nm      
810 nm      
830 nm      
940 nm      

How to choose the best LED / fibre coupled combo using the Prizmatix online app

High Brightness White Light Fibre Coupled Light Source


The HB-FC-White high-brightness fibre-coupled light sources are designed especially for OEM illumination applications in life science instrumentation, machine vision.

The HB-FC-White is a self-contained light source that includes all the necessary driver electronics and a thermal management system - no special controller box is required to operate the unit if used at the preset power.

  • Single chip long-life LED
  • High brightness cool-white light
  • High power from a small core fibre
  • Isolated TTL and analogue input
  • Optional fast TTL switching (200 ns)
  • Low optical noise
  • Optional remote control
  • Optional USB or RS-232 control
  • For OEMS:
    • Simple integration
    • I²C remote control protocol

Typical optical power from distal end of 1 m fibre:

Fibre Type Fibre Core Fibre NA Output Power
Polymer 1000 µm 0.63 460 mW
Polymer 500 µm 0.63 245 mW
Glass 250 µm 0.66 110 mW
Silica 50 µm 0.2 0.5 mW


Fibre-coupled Broadband White Light Source for Spectroscopy


The FC-BBW-LED Broadband White LED fibre-coupled light source features a wide emission spectrum from 400 to 700 nm. This makes it excellent for various reflection and transmission spectroscopy applications, as well as colour measurements.

The FC-BBW-LED is a self-contained light source and include all necessary driver electronics and thermal management, no special controller box is required.

Typical optical power from distal end of 1 m fibre:

Fibre Type Fibre Core Fibre NA Output Power
Silica 50 µm 0.2 4.5 µW
Silica 200 µm 0.22 180 µW
Glass 200 µm 0.66 650 µW
Glass 250 µm 0.66 1.3 mW
Polymer 250 µm 0.5 800 µW
Silica 400 µm 0.37 1.7 mW
Polymer 1000 µm 0.5 12 mW
Polymer 1000 µm 0.63 14 mW


Research papers
Hundreds of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used Prizmatix equipment within their research. They are listed here on the Prizmatix website.

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