In-vitro Optogenetics Products

In-vitro Optogenetics Products
In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products In-vitro Optogenetics Products

Modules for Optogenetics   

In-vitro products for optogenetics

Prizmatix offer a full range of modules for in-vitro optogenetics including multi-wavelength systems for activation and silencing. From light sources to fibre tip, Prizmatix can provide all the components necessary for researchers working in neuroscience, neurobiology, biochemistry and biophysics.

Ultra High Power LEDs

The Ultra High Power LED provides almost x10 increase of power in comparison with regular high-power LED devices. The Ultra High Power LEDs are an effective replacement of Mercury and Xenon lamps as well as lasers in many power-demanding applications such as fluorescence microscopy, optogenetics, chemical reaction activation, uncaging and numerous others.

Prizmatix’s Ultra High Power LED head features built-in adjustable aspheric collimator to provide collimated beam suitable for direct connection to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope.

The Ultra High Power LED head can be easily modified for fibre optic applications with a specially designed Fibre Coupler adaptor for high NA fibres. This ensures maximum light coupling efficiency and makes it possible to achieve extreme light power from the distal end of fibres suitable for optogenetics applications.

Key Features

  • Single chip ultra high-power LED
  • TTL external triggering
  • Easy connection to:
    • Microscopes
    • Fibre-optics
    • Lightguides
  • Excellent for fluorescence excitation
  • Optional band pass filtering
  • Precisely adjustable, stable power
  • Long life
  • Speckle free
  • Rapid warm up time

Wavelength & UHP Model Range

  •   UV
    • 365 nm and 385 nm for UV Curing
    • 385 nm UVA > 3.4 W UHP-T-LED-385
    • 385 nm 5.0 W UHP-T-385-MP
  •   Violet
    • 405 nm > 2.0 W UHP-Microscope-LED-405
    • 405 nm 2.1 W UHP-T-405-EP
  •   Blue
    • 450 nm > 2.5 W UHP-Microscope-LED-450
    • 450 nm 2.3 W UHP-T-450-EP
    • 455 nm 5.0 W UHP-T-455-MP
    • 460 nm 4.3 W UHP-T-460-DI
    • 460 nm > 1.7 W UHP-Microscope-LED-460
    • 460 nm > 3.3 W BLUE UHP-T-LED-460
    • 470 nm > 4.0 W UHP-Microscope-LED-470
    • 470 nm 4.7 W UHP-T-470-LA
  •   Green
    • 505 nm 1.0 W UHP-T-505-LA
    • 520 nm > 0.9 W UHP-Microscope-LED-520
    • 520 nm 1.0 W UHP-T-520-EP
    • 520 nm 1.5 W UHP-T-520-MP
    • 520 nm 1.8 W UHP-T-520-DI
    • 520 nm > 1.8 W UHP-T-LED-520
  •   Yellow
    • 595 nm > 0.6 W UHP-Microscope-LED-595
    • 595 nm > 0.7 W UHP-T-595-LA
  •   Red
    • 625 nm 1.8 W UHP-T-625-DI
    • 625 nm > 0.8 W UHP-T-625-EP
    • 630 nm > 0.8 W UHP-Microscope-LED-630
    • 630 nm > 1.8 W UHP-T-LED-630
    • 630 nm 2.0 W UHP-T-630-MP
    • 630 nm 1.0 W UHP-T-630-EP
    • 650 nm 1.0 W UHP-T-650-EP
    • 730 nm 0.8 W UHP-T-730-LA
  •   White
    • > 2.7 W UHP-Microscope-LED-White
    • > 4.0 W UHP-T-LED-White
    • > 2.3 W UHP-T-LED-White-High-CRI
    • > 2.3 W UHP-T2-LED-White
    • 3.7 W UHP-T-W45-DI (4500K)
    • 3.2 W UHP-T-W65-DI (6500K)
    • 70 W UHP-F-LED light guide coupled

The Ultra High Power LED can be used with a full range of other Prizmatix products from the modular component range. These include: Fibre Coupler, Liquid Light Guide Coupler, Beam Combiner, Filter Wheel, Beam Switcher, Rotary Joint, and others that combine to form the comprehensive Optogenetics Toolbox for researchers working in neuroscience, neurobiology, biochemistry and biophysics.


Beam Combiner
The Beam Combiner can join two discrete UHP-LEDs into one output beam, which can then be coupled to a microscope or an optical fibre. For increased versatility, additional optical filters can be installed at the input or the output ports of this modular Beam Combiner.

Fibre-Coupled Adaptor    
The UHP-LED can be easily changed from direct microscope to a fibre-coupled LED configuration by using this modular system adapator.

Prizmatix offers a wide range of standard and customised multi-mode silica / polymer fibres as well as ferrules for optogenetics research. A Y-shaped fibre bundle is also available.

Beam Switcher
The Beam Switcher accessory enables Prizmatix LEDs to be installed on a microscope for use in epi-fluorescence, or as specimen illumination via a fibreoptic probe. Especially useful for in-situ Optogenetics studies, the modular Beam Switcher saves cost, space and allows maximum flexibility in experiment design.

Filter Wheel
The UHP-Mic-LED can be equipped with a six-position filter wheel at the beam output. This accessory is particularly useful with the UHP-Mic-LED-White light source.

Microscope Adaptors
A range of adaptors for connecting Prizmatix LED light sources to the epi-fluorescence ports of Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus, Leica and other widely used microscopes.

Liquid Light Guide Adaptor
The UHP-LED can be easily changed from direct microscope to Liquid Light Guide (LLG) coupling using this adaptor.

Liquid Light Guide
A flexible 3 mm core liquid light guide is ideal to conduct light from the large LED emitter to the microscope.

Liquid Light Guide XYZ Collimator
The Prizmatix LLG collimator is an XYZ adjustable collimator for Liquid Light Guide (LLG) with adaptor for the epi-illumination port of fluorescence microscopes. This collimator can be equipped with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss or Leica adaptors.

C-Mount adaptor
A standard C-mount thread adaptor (1-32 UN 2A thread), usually used to connect to trinocular microscopes.

Pulser / Pulser Plus for Activation 
The Pulser USB to TTL interface box with user-friendly software is an easy and inexpensive way to visually program trains of pulses for Optogenetics activation directly from your computer. Includes all necessary software and cables.
Pulser Plus adds an additional output for activation of other devices after a pulse train sequence completes. It also offers control of up to 8 Prizmatix Optogenetics-LEDs via BNC-T connectors, and stand-alone operation.

Fibre-optic Collimator
Collimators are required to generate a parallel beam of light out of the naturally diverging light emission from an optical fibre. Prizmatix collimator is designed to collimate High NA fibres (up to 0.53), such as Hard Polymer Clad fibres and Polymer Optical Fibres (POFs).

Reference Photodiode
Prizmatix reference photodiode is useful in order to monitor LED source power over time in experiments required exceptional stability over long time period. The photodiode signal can be used to normalise measurements; alternatively the photodiode signal can serve as a feedback signal to stabilise the LED power.

Single/Dual Fibre
Prizmatix provides a full solution to the optogenetics in vivo and in vitro fibre optics. Made of silica or polymer fibres, the high NA fibres are assembled to fit any research set-up with various combinations of connectors, ferrules, core diameters and lengths. Some examples are Y-shaped fibres for simultaneous in-vivo stimulation of two hemispheres, and fibres with stainless steel tip with protruding bare fibres for in-vitro activation of brain slices under a microscope.

Microplate Illumination by Ultra High Power LED

Prizmatix Ultra High Power UHP-T-LEDs (> 50 W) are a perfect match for new research applications needing microplate or Petri dish illumination, such as Zebrafish. The UHP-T-LED features a powerful rectangular or square homogeneous beam and is available in UV, blue, green, red and white. Delivering several optical watts of power in a collimated beam over the entire surface of a microplate in continuous or pulsed modes is now uncomplicated and cost effective.

Research papers
Hundreds of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used Prizmatix equipment within their research. They are listed here on the Prizmatix website.

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