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SLICE-QTC Four-channel Temperature Controller

SLICE-QTC Four-channel Temperature Controller
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SLICE-QTC Four-channel Temperature Controller
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SLICE-QTC Four-channel Temperature Controller 

QTC Four-Channel Temperature Controller

The SLICE-QTCThe SLICE-QTC PID temperature Controller features four independent precision temperature controller channels for TECs or heaters for temperature stabilization and control of lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers, tapered amplifiers, optical cavities, PICs, and non-linear & photonic crystals. The loops can be nested or control four separate systems.  With widely adjustable PID corners and gain, it is possible to stabilize the temperature of your plant with sub-millikelvin temperature stability and set point resolution. 

Features like slew rate control and an output trigger allow you to trust your delicate photonic devices such as doubling crystals to the SLICE-QTC.  You can set a maximum rate of temperature change and have confidence it won’t be exceeded. Safeguard your laser diodes by automatically shutting down the current if the the temperature goes out of range.  Easily tune the PID temperature loop using the loop performance monitoring system.

The SLICE-QTC comes standard with four unterminated cables for connecting the SLICE-QTC to your thermal plant.  You may also configure your order such that the cables are terminated with a DB9 connector. 


  • Four independent channels
  • Configurable PID loop filters
  • Sub-millikelvin stability
  • Touch screen control
  • Host GUI & API
  • 40 W of user-assignable control power
  • 6 A/channel
  • 18 V compliance
  • TEC or resistive heaters
  • External control of set point
  • Interlock other devices based on temperature controller fidelity

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