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Electrical Modules - Vescent Photonics
Electrical Modules - Vescent Photonics Electrical Modules - Vescent Photonics Electrical Modules - Vescent Photonics

Power Supply, Controller, and Servos   

Vescent Electronics for Lasers & Electro-Optics   

Vescent laser and electro-optic control electronics provide the lowest noise, highest bandwidth, and most flexibility of any commercially available products. From laser current drivers with a noise density of less than 100 pA/vHz to laser servos with full PI2D loop filter reconfigurability, our unmatched performance is designed for the most demanding AMO research. Vescent understands that "excellence by design" begins with the electronics for any lab.

ICE Box™: Integrated Control Electronics

Vescent Photonics next-generation ICE system is a compact suite of digitally controlled electronics that will precisely drive and stabilise a broad range of semiconductor lasers and associated photonics tools.
The ICE system is based on the same high-performance D2 Series electronics that have established Vescent Photonics as the leader in laser control and stabilisation. It is fully compatible with all Vescent D2 modules and can be used to drive and control a complete stabilised-laser system; overseeing frequency and temperature, offset lock DBR, DFB, or External Cavity lasers.
ICE can also control a tapered amplifier or a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) operating either as an amplifier or as a high-contrast non-mechanical shutter, and a liquid crystal shutter.
Each ICE control board is commanded via a USB Virtual Communication Port programmed in a language such as LabVIEW™, MATLAB™, Python, Java, et al. An intuitive GUI can also be used to issue commands and control the experiment or, if installed in the 'ICE Box'- a chassis that provides power and interface connections - a front-panel control is included.
More information on the ICE system can be found here.

SLICE: Slimline ICE

After several years in development, the first in a new range of Slimline ICE (SLICE) models was launched by Vescent Photonics at CLEO'17.
The SLICE-QT is a four-channel temperature controller for thermally stabilising a laser, photonic device, or non-linear crystal. It is compatible with both TECs and resistive heaters, and features auto tuning along with 40 watts of control power available to the user.

D2-005 Low Noise Power Supply

The D2-005 is a stand-alone, quiet, linear power supply providing ±15 V and 5 V. Isolated from line and EM interference, one power supply can run two complete laser systems or four electronics modules. The D2-005 is Rackless Rack compatible.

D2-105 Laser Controller

The D2-105 is a precision diode-laser current source based on the Libbrecht-Hall circuit. With a current noise density < 100 pA/vHz, the D2-105 has lower noise than any other commercially available laser controller. This ultra-low current noise is ideally suited for precision spectroscopy and metrology applications. Furthermore, two-stages of temperature control provide sub-mK stability, ensuring long term frequency stability.
A front panel current servo BNC enables high-speed (> 10 MHz) servo control of the laser's frequency. Additionally, extremely high speed modulation is enabled by a front panel RF port, which is connected directly to the laser current output SMA. This enables the user to directly write sidebands onto the laser via injection current, which can save the use of expensive AOMs, EOMs, and lock-in amplifiers. To keep line frequency harmonics off the output current, the D2-105 is powered with either an external power supply (D2-005) or user provided power via a breakout board (D2-001). The D2-105 is Rackless Rack compatible.

Recent paper: Efficient diode laser line narrowing using dual, feed-forward + feed-back laser frequency control (Laboratoire ARTEMIS et al 2017)

D2-125 Laser Servo

The D2-125 laser servo is designed for low-noise servo control of lasers and other experimental systems. The PI2D loop filter, with two-stage integral feedback, provides tight locking to cavities and atomic/molecular transitions. The D2-125 provides full user-control over the loop-filter parameters, enabling servo-loop optimisation for a wide variety of systems such as: acousto and electro-optic actuators, voice coils, piezo actuators, and so on.

Video demonstration of Lock robustness

The D2-125 is designed to integrate into the Vescent Rackless Rack concept. As such, it may be powered with the D2-005 or from an adjacent D2 electronics module. If used as a stand-alone product, it may be powered either externally (with a D2-005 or from a user supplied power supply via a breakout board) or it may be ordered with an internal power supply and simply plug into a standard wall socket.
Lock Guard™ Option
Auto relocking is available for the D2-125 Laser Servo as an option. Lock Guard™ detects when the servo loop filter has gone out of lock and automatically recaptures it. When it detects an Unlock Point (a fast change in the servo output), it disengages the servo and holds the output at the last known valid value. Lock GuardT then waits for a Hold Time before re-engaging the lock. If, during the Settle Time, it detects that the system is still out of lock it will try again. Lock Guard™ control parameters are all user adjustable for maximum flexibility and optimal performance.


Video demonstration of Lock Guard™


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Some recent papers...
Carrier-envelope-phase Stabilization via Dual Wavelength Pumping
(MPI Quantenoptik et al 2017)

Fast, high-precision optical polarization synthesizer or ultracold-atom experiments
(Universität Bonn 2016)

Repetition rate stabilization of an optical frequency comb based on solid-state laser technology with an intra-cavity electro-optic modulator
(CSEM 2016)

D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo

The D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo (OPLS) is designed to precisely control and quickly adjust the frequency detuning between two lasers. The D2-150 Heterodyne Module conveniently enables the overlap and fibre coupling of two laser beams. This mates with a FC fibre connector on the D2-135 providing an easy optical input for the beat note. Alternatively, the fibre connector can be exchanged with an SMA to input an electronic beat-note. The D2-135 OPLS provides full servo-loop customisation for optimisation to most lasers.
The D2-135 is designed to integrate into the Vescent Rackless Rack concept. As such, it may be powered with the D2-005 or from an adjacent D2 electronics module. If used as a stand-alone product, it may be powered with either a D2-005 or from a user supplied power supply via a breakout board.

In the above video, a ball of fluorescing ultra-cold rubidium atoms are caught in a magneto optical trap (MOT). The frequency of the trapping laser is detuned by playing the music through a Vescent Photonics D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo, causing the number of trapped atoms to vary.


A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used a Vescent Technologies' D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo in their research. Here is an example:


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