Precision Positioning


Elliot Scientific enables precision positioning and alignment of optical beams, fibre optics and sensors through an extensive portfolio of flexures, stages and slides - all offer nanometre resolution; 1, 2 or 3 or more axes, driven by ultra-fine pitched screws, piezo adjusters, or stepper motor systems.


Elliot Martock Products

  •  XYZ Flexure Stages: Manual or Piezo
  •  Fibre Launch Solutions
  •  Linear, Tilt & Rotation Stages
  •  3, 4, 5 or 6 Axis Stages
  •  Lens Positioners & Accessories


Elliot Scientific Products

  •  Optical Tweezers
  •  Automated Alignment Systems

Kozak Micro Adjusters

  •  M3 Adjuster Screw Sets
  •  Imperial Adjuster Screw Sets
  •  Up to 508 TPI (0.05 mm) pitches
  •  Superior to industry standards
  •  Smooth & precise

Kozak Micro Adjusters was established in 1980 and still operates on the principal of pecision components made with honesty, integrity, hard work and skill. The company is committed to delivering superior craftsmanship at competitive prices, and their range of high-TPI adjusters are no exception.


  •  Miniature micropositioning systems
  •  Piezo inertial drives
  •  Zero backlash or rotation
  •  UHV & ULT versions
  •  Smooth & precise

mechOnics is a specialist in micropositioning systems, offering a complete range of positioning stages with piezo inertial drives. Direct drive of the linear axis by slip / stick rod delivers zero backlash or rotation. Stages are available in a range of configurations and sizes, with footprints starting at 15 x 15 mm! Travel ranges vary between 2 and 30 mm, with speeds of up to 2 mm/s depending on model chosen.


  •  Nanopositioning stages
  •  Single or Multi-axis
  •  Tip & Tilt systems
  •  Focusing stages
  •  DSP control systems

nPoint is a leading manufacturer of piezo-actuated flexure-based nanopositioning systems for metrology, nanofabrication, materials characterisation, beam steering, microscopy and the life sciences.


  •  Piezo stacks with up to 200 µm travel
  •  High load versions to 3 kN
  •  High and low voltage versions
  •  Disc, ring and bimorph actuators
  •  Controllers & amplifiers

Piezomechanik offers a comprehensive range of actuating elements based on the piezoelectric effect, for positioning applications of the most exacting requirements. A number of single and multi-channel voltage amplifiers completes the line-up to provide a complete package. In addition to standard devices, custom design and OEM applications can be accommodated.

Siskiyou Photonics

  •  Linear & rotary stages
  •  Multi-axis stages
  •  Dovetail slides
  •  Flexure, kinematic & gimbal mounts
  •  Lab jack systems

Siskiyou offers a diverse range of modular opto-mechanical building blocks to Photonics and Life Science researchers. The company has been a leading manufacturer of laboratory mechanicals, photonics components and precision position products for decades. From the beginning, these products have been produced with quality and flexibility in mind. Siskiyou's superior engineering provides the end user with a product that fulfills the designed function and lasts far longer than the competition.

Vibration Isolation Solutions

Vibration noise is a nuisance for many precision applications in science and industry. Passing road, rail or air traffic, building resonances, co-workers,  air conditioning, lifts and other machinery and equipment all pose a threat to your sensitive instruments. This could be a high-powered microscope, a delicate micromachining system, a life science experiment, or a laser-based optical set-up.

Elliot Scientific offers a choice of both passive and active vibration isolation systems from leading manufacturers for your application. Whether you require a simple benchtop platform, an optical table, workstation, or custom system, we can help. We also supply Hi-Fi audiophiles with affordable antivibration solutions for decoupling high-end turntables so as to get the most from their vinyl.

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