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  • Model: CryoSpectra Cryorefrigerators

CryoSpectra deliver the simplest way to bring cryogenic temperatures into a vacuum chamber through their uniquely designed cryorefrigeration systems.

With a high cooling capacity from a very small cold head, the system is the easily the best way to cool laser crystals to cryogenic temperatures, thus guaranteeing Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilisation of femtosecond or shorter pulses.


Vibration curve
The CryoSpectra K Series of low acoustic noise cryorefrigerators are especially designed for laboratory cooling requirements. The closed-loop cooling system ensures maintenance-free operation, while the super-compact cold head guarantees an ultra-low vibration (0.5 nm peak to peak - see image right, click to enlarge) chilled interface that is ideal for use inside the small vacuum chambers found in high power laser systems.


  • High cooling capacity at cryogenic temperatures
  • Cool-down times: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Compact cold head is practically vibration-free
  • Quiet operation

More than two dozen models deliver between 75 and 170 Kelvin, with each cryorefrigerator offering a particular cooling capacity dependent on compressor size and whether it is air or water-cooled. All types can be water-cooled, but only those operating at the higher temperatures of 130 and 170 K can be purchased as air-cooled units.

More information, such as specifications, can be found in the datasheet sets downloadable from the Documents tab above.

Series    Nominal Operating Cooling Power (Watts)
  Temperature Water-cooled Air-cooled
K90 75-90 K 150 to 300 -
K100 90-100 K 75 to 500 -
K110 90-110 K 75 to 600 -
K130 100-130 K 75 to 1000 75 or 100
K170 160 K 20 to 40 20

Cold Heads

Standard 38 mm diameter cold head-units are available with CFF-40 (10-12 mbar) or KF-50 (10-7 mbar) flanges for easy attachment, eliminating the need for costly custom vacuum chambers. The unique, compact design also allows for a reduction in chamber size, leading to better vacuum conditions and the benefit of reduced pump down times. Higher cooling capacity (50 mm diameter) cold heads are supplied with either CFF-50- or KF-63 flanges.

Cold Head inside vacuum chamber

All CryoSpectra cold heads are gold plated to resist oxidation, have four M4 thread mounting holes, and are polished for the best heat conductivity and optical reflectivity. The CFF-40 UHV cold head has a leakage rate lower than 10-11 mbar l/s.

ApplicationsBare cold head

  • Laser crystal cooling
  • High power laser amplifiers
  • CEP stabilised laser systems
  • Ti:Sapphire multi-millijoule, multi-kHz amplifier systems
  • Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Cryopumping

CryoSpectra website

File Name Size Link
Air-Cooled Datasheet Set 2017 649.48KiB Download
Terms and Conditions V6 206.45KiB Download
Water-Cooled Datasheets 2017 1.32MiB Download
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