MDE150 - Objective/Ball Lens Mount

MDE150 - Objective/Ball Lens Mount
MDE150 - Objective/Ball Lens Mount

Objective Lens Mount. Standard RMS 0.800"-36 Thread    


Objective lens mount fitted with a removable stainless steel sleeve cut with the microscope objective thread. Allows easy adjustment and exchange of objectives or other components having the standard RMS 0.800"-36 thread.

All accessories are compatible with the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages. The optical axis height is 18 mm above the platform surface and on the centre line of the location slot. Where necessary a locating tongue forms part of the accessory. A standard clamp system is used and is supplied with the flexure stages and accessory platforms. The clamp set (MDE154) is available separately if required.

MDE150 mounts atop MDE122 XYZ Flexure Stages
are used in this quantum entanglement experiment set-up

Photo by Alexey Tiranov, courtesy of GAP-Optique, Université de Genève


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