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MDE154 - Clamp Set

MDE154 - Clamp Set
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  • Model: Martock MDE154

XYZ Flexure Stage Clamp Set    


Clamp set for use with XYZ Flexure Stage accessories. Includes two clamps plus screws and a socket key. One clamp set is supplied with each of the flexure stages and accessory platforms.

An MDE154E clamp set for English (inch) thread  (E-series) flexure stages is also available.

File NameSizeLink
MDE154E_29.PDF67.46 kbDownload
MDE154E_29.SLDPRT133 kbDownload
MDE154E_29.STEP199.14 kbDownload
MDE154E_3D_29.PDF35.64 kbDownload
MDE154_29.PDF66.87 kbDownload
MDE154_29.SLDPRT128 kbDownload
MDE154_29.STEP199.34 kbDownload
MDE154_3D_29.PDF33.95 kbDownload
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