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Beam Expanders - μLS

Beam Expanders - μLS
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Beam Expanders - μLS
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  • Model: μLS - Beam Expanders

Optimised for UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, or NIR wavebands   

Beam Expanders   

  • Corrected optics deliver low wavefront error
  • Large 6 mm input aperture
  • 3, 4 or 8x magnification
  • Up to 46 mm exit aperture
  • Optimised for UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, or NIR wavebands

The Micro Laser Systems' beam expanders have been designed cover all the diode wavelengths from 350 to 1550 nm. They have a large 6 mm input aperture and can expand beams 3, 4 or 8 times. Beam sizes ranging from 2 to 45 mm in diameter can be generated with low wavefront error due to the specially corrected optics.

Micro Laser Systems offers a choice of coatings optimised for three spectral bands: 350 to 600 nm, 600 to 1000 nm, or 1000 to 1700 nm.

Micro Laser Systems can integrate a beam expander with a laser upon request.

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