Patch Clamp Amplifiers

Patch Clamp Amplifiers
Patch Clamp Amplifiers Patch Clamp Amplifiers Patch Clamp Amplifiers Patch Clamp Amplifiers

Technology to shorten the pre-clinical development timeline   

Tecella Patch Clamp Amplifiers   

Since 2007 Tecella has supplied electrophysiology measurement systems that allow pharmaceutical researchers to rapidly screen drugs and medical compounds thereby accelerating and improving drug discovery.

Tecella offer a range of instruments for this fundamental technique; from the popular single channel Pico 2 to the 384-channel Apollo - designed for high throughput screening (HTS) systems.

In addition to electrophysiology, researchers working in electrochemistry, MEMS and other biotech fields can benefit from Tecella's highly scalable amplifier architectures and fully customisable software and hardware solutions.


Pico 2Single channel

An all-in-one voltage clamp, current clamp, digitiser and headstage

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  • Whole cell
    • Vclamp
    • Iclamp
  • Single-channel recording
    • Patch
    • Planar lipid bilayer
    • Synthetic nanopore
  • Cellular electrochemistry

The Pico 2, from Tecella, is a fully-featured pocket sized, USB-powered low-noise patch clamp amplifier with integrated digitiser and headstage. It offers single channel recording, at sampling rates up to 40 kHz, and is small enough to be mounted directly on a manipulator.

Pico 2

Series resistance, fast capacitance, three slow capacitances, and a junction potential offset compensation circuit are included as standard. The unit is self-calibrating and a patented spread frequency compensation can automatically correct any arbitrary capacitance profile in seconds.

Multiple Picos can be connected to a single computer to record from multiple channels thanks to ExtenCell architecture.

Pico measures just 5.6" x 2.5" x 0.7" (14.2cm x 6.3cm x 1.8cm) and consumes less than 1 watt of power.

Software support includes TecellaLab acquisition software with export to ATF and tab formats, WinWCP from the University of Strathclyde, LabView VI, and C++ SDK/API for custom development and integration.

A PDF datasheet for the Pico 2 can be downloaded from the Documents menu upper right.


Triton+2 to 16 channels

Data from Patch Clamp or Bilayer experiments can be recorded in up to 16 channels simultaneously at a 20 kHz sampling rate with Tecella's Triton+.

Triton Plus

This robust, low noise compact instrument is perfect for benchtop use, or can easily be integrated into a complete HTS system.

Features include: integrated stimuscope digitiser, embedded model cells, and analogue compensations. Custom options are available too, just contact us for details.


Flex8 to 96 channels

The Flex is a multi-channel patch clamp amplifier configurable from 8 to 96 channels in 8 channel steps.

It offers a comprehensive range of standard and customisable features:

Standard features

  • Voltage clamp
  • Low noise integrated digitiser
  • Internal head stage per channel
  • Internal model cell per channel
  • USB interface
  • TecellaLab software
  • USB powered for 16 channels or less

Custom features

  • Whole Cell, Bilayer, or Electrochemistry models
  • Current clamp
  • Command voltage range
  • Command current range
  • Gain values
  • Series resistance compensation range
  • Capacitance compensation

Impulse8 to 64 channel MEA amplifier

Impulse is a new compact and low noise 64-channel microelectrode array amplifier designed to work with a variety of probes. A Windows DLL is available for custom development and OEM integration.

A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used Tecella products within their research. Here are some examples:

More details on these products can be found in the Tecella Product Brochure downloadable from the Documents menu upper right, or via their website:

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