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CODIXX Polarisers

CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
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CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
CODIXX Polarisers
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Silver Nanoparticle Polarisers   

colorPol® Polarisers   

Polarisers are used to pass or stop polarised light, to modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noise and lots more...

colorPol® polarisers

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers box
  • are flat like foil polarisers
  • have large acceptance angles of ± 20°
  • are UV and chemical resistant
  • are resistant to temperatures up to 400 °C
  • are available for UV, VIS, VISIR, NIR & IR bands
  • can be processed like glass or silicon wafers
  • can be patterned with specific polarisation schemes and/or areas

colorPol® glass polarisers utilise a unique silver nano-particle technology to deliver high contrast ratios and high transmittance for a variety of wavelength regions.

The colorPol® family

HT Series           

The wavelength ranges of effective polarisation span to the UV region (colorPol® UV: 340 nm to 415 nm), the visible, and near infrared regions (colorPol® VIS and colorPol® IR series: 450 to 5,000 nm). With more than two dozen different standard polarisers available plus the customisable colorPol® S series, there should be a model that covers your application.

A detailed catalogue can be downloaded from the Documents tab above or you can get individual polariser information from CODIXX.

Each colorPol® polariser is characterised by its maximum of polarisation and the contrast ratio in the guaranteed wavelength range (>= 1,000:1, >= 10,000:1 and >= 100,000:1, indicated in the product name by C3, C4 and C5 respectively).

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers

Due to their excellent properties and outstanding adaptability, colorPol® polarisers are ideal in many applications:

  • Optical sensor devices
  • Illumination engineering
  • Instrument filters for microscopy, ellipsometry, spectroscopy & polarimetry
  • Photoelasticity, surface inspection
  • Fibre related sensors
  • Polarisation dependent optical isolators
  • Optical communications engineering and data storage
  • Electro-optical modulators
  • High-temperature LC-Displays
  • High-temperature LC-Shutters
  • Lyot-Filter

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers summary chart

colorPol® polariser wavelength based summmary chart

Standard sizes go up to 100 x 60 mm with other dimensions and shapes, such as rings, available. Thicknesses can range from 0.2 to 2 mm raw or laminated on a carrier glass. Contact us for details.

CODIXX website

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A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used CODIXX polarisers in their research. Here are two examples: