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E770-125 Fibre Gripper

E770-125 Fibre Gripper
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E770-125 Fibre Gripper
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  • Model: Elliot Scientific E770-125

Fibre Gripper   


  • Compact design
  • Repeatable gripping force
  • Rapid loading and unloading feature
  • Minimal gripped length to maximise package accessibility
  • Integrates with Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages
  • Gripping arms contoured to allow a clear view and/or tool access
  • Extended reach for restricted access laser diode alignment tasks
  • Grips a wide range of fibre configurations from clad fibres to ferrules
  • Optional interchangeable custom grips can accommodate all sizes of fibre & ferrules

The E770-125 Fibre Gripper is designed to fit on Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages for demanding fibre alignment tasks involving 125 µm fibre (US: fiber).

The supplied grips can be swapped out with optional E781 custom grips to accommodate a wide variety of other fibre configurations, or optional E782 grips can be ordered for ferrules in excess of 3 mm diameter. Please contact us if you wish to order any of these accessories.

Grip Size To fit 125 µm fibre supplied as standard
Max Jaw Opening     10 mm
Grip Length 3.5 mm

Optional custom accessories

Fibre Grips (E781-nnnn, please specify fibre diameter)
Ferrule Grips (E782-nnnn, please specify ferrule diameter)

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