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Speciality Optical Fibre by Nufern

Speciality Optical Fibre by Nufern
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Speciality Optical Fibre by Nufern
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Leading edge optical fibre specialists   

Nufern Speciality Optical Fibre    

Nufern makes speciality optical fibre, pigtails and other solutions for telecom component, aerospace, fibre laser and integrated circuit manufacturers.

For example, rare earth doped fibres for lasers and amplifiers, gyroscope fibres and other polarisation maintaining fibres, extreme duty and radiation hard fibres for aerospace, as well as photosensitive and other single-mode fibres.

In the video at the bottom of this page, NuFern President Martin Seifert takes you on a tour of the company's manufacturing facility.

NuSENSOR™ fibre

The NuSENSOR™ product line features graded index multimode (MM) fibres designed for Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS); and single-mode (SM) fibres designed for Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS), and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors. Specially designed Bend Insensitive fibres have recently been introduced for operating at 1550 nm.

Both the MM and SM fibres are available with either pure silica or germanium doped core glass compositions, and carbon/polyimide or carbon/mid-temperature acrylate coatings as well as standard polyimide coated fibres. Depending on coating chosen, the fibre can be protected from temperatures up to 300 °C and H2 rich environments.

NuVIEW™ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Spectroscopy fibre

Nufern's NuVIEW™ family features single mode and polarisation maintaining fibres for the latest OCT, spectroscopy, and advanced medical imaging technologies. These fibres are designed to exceed the demanding requirements of todays advanced imaging systems and meet those of tomorrow by offering tighter tolerance specifications, wide operating wavelength ranges and excellent small signal performance. NuVIEW™ fibres offer significant benefits for both science and manufacturing. NuVIEW™ fibres from Nufern are used in missions on Mars and provide key technology to enhance image capture and resolution in OCT systems and in-vivo medical applications.

Two fibres, 780-OCT and 1060-OCT are specifically designed for 780 nm and 1060 nm operation in OCT systems. Both fibres have been optimised for 260 nm (±130 nm) of functional wavelength range, expanding the operating range of OCT applications. The 1060-OCT fibre offers the tightest dispersion specification in the industry which ensures improved image sharpness in OCT applications, and is optimised for dual wavelength applications.

Included in the NuVIEW™ fibre family are a suite of select cutoff SM and PM fibres that cover the 350 to 850 nm wavelength range ideally suited for spectroscopy. Nufern’s PM-S405-XP fibre covers the widest RGB wavelength range offering low attenuation necessary for many medical spectroscopic applications. Additional offerings include SM and PM fibres designed for 460nm, 630nm, 780nm and 850nm operation.

  • Extremely tight dispersion uniformity and control
    - Required for high performance OCT components
  • Exceptional uniformity and core/clad concentricity
    - Low, consistent splice loss to device components
  • Superior low loss
    - Improves overall system device SNR
  • Higher proof test levels
    - Critical for long-term reliability in tight bend applications

Erbium:Ytterbium co-doped fibres

A new Erbium:Ytterbium co-doped double-clad fibre has been developed to accept all 9XX nm pump wavelengths and amplify light in the 1.55 µm wavelength range with unmatched performance.

The chemistry of the product has been finely balanced to deliver two application-specific versions. The standard version is a high-efficiency and low-threshold design - ideal for single-stage amplifiers, while an XP version is specifically for high output power levels with suppressed ASE - suited for multi-stage amplifier modules.

  • CATV and LIDAR
  • Laser amplifiers

Holmium-doped double-clad fibres

An all-glass Holmium doped double-clad fibre, with an operational wavelength range of up to 2150 nm, has recently been developed by Nufern. It joins two polymer double clad fibres introduced last year following years of research and development. All Ho-doped fibres feature a double-clad design and the recently developed NuCOAT™ coating technology that affords greater durability and longer fibre life.

  • Operation to 2150 nm
  • Medical, Military (LIDAR) and Industrial applications

Nufern receives the CLEO 2012 / Laser Focus World Innovation Award Honorable Mention for their Holmium doped fibres

Erbium-doped fibres

High performance C-Band Erbium-doped 980-HP fibres are designed for use in single and multi-channel C-band amplifiers and ASE sources.

  • Highly consistent and reproducible spectroscopy
  • Tight optical and mechanical tolerances
  • Excellent core concentricity for low splice loss
  • Detailed lot-specific characterisation data

Thulium-doped fibres

The two new Tm-doped fibres recently announced include a highly doped Tm-fibre for core pumping, enabling the very short laser cavities required in producing ultra-fast fibre lasers, and a lower concentration 25/250 Tm-doped double-clad fibre that operates in the shorter wavelength region of the gain spectrum with improved performance.

Ultra-high NA fibres

Ultra-high NA fibres are designed to meet stringent splice requirements for mode-matching amplifiers and laser components that use fluoride fibres.

  • High coupling efficiency to Planar Waveguides
  • Low splice loss to fluoride fibres
  • Low splice loss to transmission fibres

Select cut-off single mode fibres

Select cut-off fibres operate at 460 nm, 630 nm, 780 nm, 1060 nm and higher. These fibres are designed for use in telecommunications, visible-wavelength, RGB and short-wavelength applications and are available in 80 µm and 125 µm form factors

  • Exceptional uniformity
  • Core/clad concentricity specifications
  • Tight second mode cut-off tolerances
  • Proof tested at 200 kpsi
  • Tighter bend radius applications in miniaturised fibre optic packages

Polarisation-maintaining fibre

High performance fibres with optical performance characteristics identical to the current standard. Designed for use at 1550 nm, 14xx nm and 980 nm, these fibres are used in all PM applications throughout the telecom arena.

  • Tighter optical and mechanical tolerances
  • Proof test at 200 kpsi

Planar waveguide fibre

High performance fibre designed for specific mode-matching requirements in adiabatic splice diffusion between high NA planar waveguide chip technology and low NA telecommunications and component fibres.

  • Bend insensitivity for miniature packaging
  • Low splice loss to transmission fibre
  • High coupling efficiency with planar waveguides
  • Very low optical bend loss

Metalised fibre tails

Unique plating processes and statistical process controls (SPC) allow Nufern to offer metalised fibre tails that are highly-engineered, repeatable, tight specification, application-specific products. They are now available with PM fibres, as well as application-specific fibres and many standard telecommunication fibres. In addition, Nufern offers end-shaping, ferruling, antireflective (AR) coating and connectorisation.

  • Excellent plating-to-fibre adhesion
  • High ductility in bending
  • High batch-to-batch quality, consistency and reproducibility
  • Hermetically sealable

Photosensitive fibres

Photosensitive fibres exhibit uniform and controlled photosensitivity to conventional UV radiation techniques and are available in a wide range of photosensitive levels.

  • Cost savings for grating-writing
  • Low splice loss
  • Easy spliceability to industry-standard telecommunication single-mode fibre

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Nufern President Martin Seifert tours the company's manufacturing facility in this video.