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457 LPF Iridian Long Edge Filter for Spectroscopy

457 LPF Iridian Long Edge Filter for Spectroscopy
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457 LPF Iridian Long Edge Filter for Spectroscopy
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Edge Pass, Long Edge Filter for Spectroscopic applications   

457 LPF   

Iridian Edge Pass filters are used to isolate one band of wavelengths from another by reflection or transmission. In Raman spectroscopy, edge pass filters are used to separate the excitation source wavelength from the emission wavelengths.

This long pass filter has a sharper transition compared to standard edge pass filters thanks to their very steep curve. It blocks wavelengths lower than the specified edge wavelength, and transmits wavelengths higher than the edge wavelength up to a maximum. The pass band from the edge wavelength to the maximum wavelength has a low ripple to meet the demanding requirements of spectroscopy instruments.

Laser Line (nm) 457.9
Blocking Level (OD) > 6
Slope (cm-1) 100
Slope (%) ∼1.25
Pass Band (nm) 463.5 to 1200
Pass Band Level (%) 90
Angle of Incidence
Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) 9
Clear Aperture of ½" or 1" optics (mm) 8 or 21
Outer Diameter of ½" or 1" optics (mm) 12.5 +0/-0.1 or 25 +0/-0.2
Thickness (mm) 3 ±0.1
Ring mounted Yes
Ring Thickness (mm) 5 ±0.1
Scratch / Dig 60/40
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