Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld

Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld

EXFO's comprehensive range of test equipment   

Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld   

EXFO offer a comprehensive range of benchtop and portable test instruments, delivering top performance and pinpoint accuracy. Choose from:

  • Test Solutions: Smart fibre inspection
  • Variable Attenuators: An integral part of most BER testing and EDFA characterisation setups
  • Light Sources: Simulate voice, video and data signals of real-life service applications

LTK-1 Benchtop Optical Power Meter

  • High-performance optical power meter
  • 85 dB range
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 4 detectors
  • Up to 5 kHz continuous sampling rate
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Optional FIP-400B fibre inspection probe
  • IVI compliant drivers for automated test systems
EXFO's LTK-1 Benchtop Optical Power Meter

Combining the FTB-1750 power meter module with the new LTB-1 platform, the LTK-1 delivers a high-performance benchtop power meter solution to the lab engineer, or the production manager looking for a small, cost-effective easily automated solution.
EXFO designed the LTK-1 for performance, giving it an 85 dB range, fast stabilisation times, and the ability to simultaneously measure high and low signals on up to four channels. This new power meter kit is the only one on the market to offer touchscreen display and optional industry-leading FIP-400B inspection probe.
The LTB-1 platform is Windows-based, and offers maximum efficiency and flexibility through its Ethernet remote control port and powerful processor. It comes with a web-based user interface and powerful remote control capabilities via built-in Ethernet port and IVI compliant instrument drivers.


FIP-400 Intelligent Fibre Inspection

A dirty and/or damaged optical fibre is a common and avoidable problem, and EXFO's intelligent fibre inspection solutions are designed to simplify and speed this task. Proper connector inspection is an essential best practice.

The solution comprises an inspection probe linked to a display platform. The former provides a crisp magnified digital image of connector endfaces, over a Wi-Fi or USB connection, to a handheld test set with display for combined applications, a modular platform for advanced multitesting, a PC or laptop for labs, or even an Android™ smartphone or tablet for even more flexibility. Special analysis software helps ensure connectors and adaptors are clean and free of any defect, removing the risk of misinterpretation.

EXFO's FIP-400 Intelligent Fibre Inspection solutions

The EXFO FIP-400 series probes deliver a variety of functions depending on model chosen and display platform


FVA-3800 Variable Attenuator

  • Up to four attenuators per unit
  • Very fast settling time
  • Integrated power meter for accurate output power control
  • Polarisation-maintaining option
  • Control via front-panel control or remotely by USB or Ethernet

The new versatile FVA-3800 is currently the most compact optical variable attenuator on the market. It is rugged and reliable, and the ideal attenuator for BER testing and system verification in the lab or a demanding manufacturing environment.
The FVA-3800 is capable of housing up to four attenuators per unit, is perfect for tight spaces, and offers a power stabilisation mode and polarisation-maintaining option.
Control is via the simple, flexible and user-friendly front-panel interface, or by PC over USB or Ethernet for multi-instrument management.


FVA-3150 Variable Attenuator

  • Outstanding spectral uniformity (±0.03 dB)
  • Ideal for BER testing and EDFA characterisation
  • Monitor output option
  • Fast settling time for optimised efficiency
  • User programmable via RS-232 & GPIB or the front-panel

High-quality components and meticulous calibration procedures make the FVA-3150 Variable Attenuator the instrument of choice for repeatable and accurate attenuation settings (up to 65 dB). The FVA-3150 meets system and component manufacturers' need for component and system loss simulation, instrument calibration, power meter linearity measurement and spectral tuning. Its ultra-low insertion loss enables you to optimise the loss budget.
Flexible, fully programmable and built for both singlemode and multimode applications for singlemode or multimode fibres, it can be used as a stand-alone instrument or mounted on an optional 19-inch rack. The FVA-3150 features a truly rugged design that uses only two moving parts - a rotating motor for the shutter and a linear motor for the filter - to achieve 24/7 operation for years without requiring maintenance.


FLS-2800 Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly

  • Narrow linewidth of less than 100 kHz
  • 1 pm tuning resolution
  • 15 dBm of power
  • Remote PC control via USB or Ethernet

The FLS-2800 is a continuous wave (CW) tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow 100 kHz linewidth and 10 pm resolution tunability over the C or L band. This laser offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications, including coherent/orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) transmission and WDM network emulation. The FLS-2800 is available in single- or dual-laser configurations.
The FLS-2800 is easy to directly control using the knob on the front panel. Each laser is controlled separately, and both wavelength and power can be adjusted quickly and precisely. It is also possible to view the status of and control the FLS-2800 remotely via the USB or Ethernet ports by means of EXFO's TLM user interface.


FLS-2600B Tunable Laser Source

  • Step or swept measurement over C and L bands
  • Characterise IL, ORL and PDL in DWDM passive components
  • 100 nm tuning range with ± 0.005 dB power stability
  • Inherent coherence control
  • S/SSE > 75 dB

The FLS-2600B Tunable Laser Source is ideal for testing dense WDM components in the C- and L-band ranges. With a 1 pm resolution and an impressive signal-to-spontaneous-emission ratio (SSER) of 75 dB, this source is optimised for passive component testing. The superior dynamic range of the clean signal it provides allows isolation measurements of greater than 65 dB.
The tunable laser source integrates both a monitor output port and a main output port. The monitor port, which is essentially a 5 % tap from the laser cavity, is useful for real-time wavelength monitoring in tests where optimum wavelength accuracy plays a major role. In addition, the main output is regulated in output power and can be attenuated over a 10 dB range. The triggering capability simplifies external synchronisation with other instruments such as optical spectrum analysers, power meters or simple oscilloscopes.


FLS-2200 Broadband Source

  • IL testing of passive components. Covers all bands:
    • Single SLED: 980, 1300, 1485, 1550 and 1610 nm
    • Dual SLED: 1300/1550 nm and CWDM range (1460 to 1620 nm)
  • CWDM characterisation in the field
  • Variable output power
  • Optimised for power stability
  • Passive Depolariser available

The high-power SLED-based FLS-2200 Broadband Source covers all the bands needed for telecommunications applications. It provides a broader spectral range and more spectral density in a singlemode fibre than a white light source. The highly stable FLS-2200 is ideal for broadband applications, CWDM network testing, CWDM and PON component manufacturing and testing, as well as fibre-optic sensing and spectroscopy.
For CWDM testing, the dual-SLED option, covering the S, C and L bands, enables accurate characterisation of fibre links and their passive components, with a very cost-effective test setup. Use the 1300/1550 nm source for dual-window couplers and for PON components.


FLS-2100 Light Source

  • Variable output power of up to 10 dB
  • Internal modulation of up to 2 kHz
  • Polarised LED option for PDL or PMD measurements
  • Temperature-controlled Fabry-Perot laser diodes
  • Excellent power stability: ± 0.03 to 0.05 dB over 8 hours

The FLS-2100 Light Source features an exceptional selection of single- or dual-wavelength, singlemode and multimode light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and Fabry-Perot lasers. This source is an essential building block in many test stations, whether for IL, ORL or PDL measurements of broadband components. The FLS-2100's ORL option enables optimal return loss measurements at 1310, 1550 or 1625 nm. Note: This light source is also available as a platform-based module (IQS-2100) for the IQS-600.


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