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CTP10 - Component Test Platform

CTP10 - Component Test Platform
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CTP10 - Component Test Platform
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Test passive components swiftly and efficiently   

CTP10 Component Test Platform   


  • Industry’s fastest swept wavelength measurement of IL & RL
  • Sweep speeds over 500 nm/s yet sampling resolution is 1 pm
  • State-of-the-art electronics outperform all other existing instruments
  • Hosts 10 hot-swappable modules: can test components with up to 50 outputs
  • Full-band operational range, covering wavelengths from 1240 to 1680 nm
  • Easy to set up, use and perform data analysis

EXFO's CTP10 modular measurement platform has been designed to operate in conjunction with the T100S-HP tuneable laser to quickly achieve high-resolution spectral characterisations for efficient testing of passive components.

With up to 50 detectors connected to the platform, it is an ideal instrument for characterisation of large port count components used in DWDM networks and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) applications. Single-sweep insertion loss measurements, with up to 80 dB dynamic range, can be performed with unprecedented speed and resolution.

The platform has a custom operating system and data processing electronics to ensure near instant transfer of measurement data to its large internal hard drive, and the CTP10 can be remotely controlled using SCPI-compatible commands and queries.


The CTP10 platform hosts up to 10 hot-swappable modules, providing a variety of optical tools to perform high-quality IL and RL measurement. The OPM series detectors are offered with a choice of FC or SC fibre optic adaptors. To operate, the CTP10 requires one IL RL OPM2 module and a SCAN SYNC module. Full-band operation can be obtained by adding an FBC module.

Wavelength referencing

The typical wavelength accuracy of the CTP10 is ±5 pm, with a repeatability better than ±1 pm. However, for experiments where absolute wavelength referencing is paramount, the CTP10 can be used with the wavelength reference material accessories - hydrogen fluoride or hydrogen cyanide reference cells exhibiting absorption lines in the O-band and C-band respectively for excellent absolute wavelength accuracy.

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EXFO CTP10 Datasheet 1.82MiB Download
EXFO T100S-HP Tunable Laser Datasheet 1.2MiB Download
Return Loss referencing using EXFO's CTP10 2.73MiB Download
Terms and Conditions V6 206.45KiB Download
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