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MDE625 - 3-Channel Piezo Controller with XYZ Flexure Stage

MDE625 - 3-Channel Piezo Controller with XYZ Flexure Stage
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MDE625 - 3-Channel Piezo Controller with XYZ Flexure Stage
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  • Model: Martock MDE625

3-Channel Piezo Controller with Long Travel Piezo XYZ Flexure Stage   


Complete system comprising the E1100 3-channel controller together with the MDE125 Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ flexure stage fitted with piezo actuators providing 100 µm of piezo travel with 50 nm resolution in each of the three axes.

MDE125 Flexure Stage:

  • Ultra-stable patented design XYZ flexure stage
  • XYZ Piezo adjusters (MDE227 type)
  • 100 µm piezo adjustment travel
  • 50 nm resolution
  • 2 mm coarse manual travel
  • Orthogonal alignment grooves
  • 4.5 kg load capacity

E1100 Piezo Controller:

  • USB interface
  • Channels: 3 independent
  • Output voltage: 0 to 150 V
  • Output current: 50 mA/channel
  • Output noise: < 50 µVRMS
  • Digital readout on each channel
  • Internal/external voltage control
  • Ext. input voltage control 0 to 10 V
  • Output stability: <0.01% over 16 hours
  • Power requirements:
        100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz


Please refer to the individual product pages for full specifications:

MDE125 Flexure Stage

MDE227 Piezo Adjusters

E1100 Piezo Controller


† Patent Nos  GB 2129955B  USA 4635887

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Elliot Martock adjusters catalogue 1.88MiB Download
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