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MDE227 - Long Travel Piezo Adjuster - 100 µm piezo travel

MDE227 - Long Travel Piezo Adjuster - 100 µm piezo travel
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MDE227 - Long Travel Piezo Adjuster - 100 µm piezo travel
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  • Model: Martock MDE227

Long Travel (100 µm) Piezo Adjuster   


  • 100 µm travel
  • 50 nm resolution

This Long Travel Piezo Adjuster is for applications requiring an increased range of high precision adjustment. The MDE227 gives 100 µm of piezo travel with 50 nm resolution by means of a lever mechanism to amplify the extension of a 40 µm piezo stack. It also incorporates a 12 mm sleeve matched to the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stage.

An integral hex adjuster is built into the coarse drive. This adjuster protrudes significantly from the flexure stage body, so finger pressure effects during manual adjustment can cause cross-talk between axes. Adjustment using a ball-headed hex key avoids these effects and the adjuster is driven in the intended axis only.

Travel 100 µm piezo travel
Resolution 50 nm
Coarse travel ± 1 mm travel on coarse drive with 1 µm resolution
Operating voltage 0 to 150 V
Hysteresis 12 to 15%


Nominal Weight : 0.188Kg

For use with MDE330 Flexure stage


As pat of the MDE MDE125 Flexure stage/ Adjuster package


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