OSICS - Multifunction platform

OSICS - Multifunction platform
OSICS - Multifunction platform OSICS - Multifunction platform

Modular platform for fibre-optic component testing   

OSICS Multifunction Modular Platform   

EXFO's acquisition of Yenista Optics has enabled us to offer the OSICS multifunction modular platform - formerly manufactured by Anritsu. This instrument has the widest selection of plug-in modules, making it the most flexible platform for DWDM (Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing) system evaluation and fibre optic component testing.

Up to 8 modules can be mixed and matched in a single OSICS mainframe. The range includes:

Compact tuneable lasers
  • OSICS T100: ultra-low SSE tuneable external cavity lasers (step mode)
  • OSICS ECL: standard tuneable external cavity laser (step mode)
Compact transmission laser
  • OSICS TLS-AG: narrow linewidth tuneable lasers for coherent transmission
  • OSICS DFB: distributed feedback laser diodes for DWDM, CWDM and LAN-WDM transmission
Broadband light sources
  • OSICS SLD: superluminescent light emitting diodes
Passive optical functions
  • OSICS SWT, OSICS SWT-APC: optical shutters and switches
  • OSICS ATN-HP: high-power optical attenuators
  • OSICS BKR: variable back reflectors

Test systems based on the OSICS platform are also available. For example, the OSICS-FBL is a full-band tuneable laser operating from 1260 to 1680 nm in step mode, or the OSICS-WDM comb of 8 transmission lasers (DFB or TLS-AG) with a Mux/Demux.


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