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TTA1: Two to Three Terminal Test Adaptor

TTA1: Two to Three Terminal Test Adaptor
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TTA1: Two to Three Terminal Test Adaptor
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  • Model: Andeen-Hagerling TTA1

Eliminate uncertainty associated with "home made" fixtures   

TTA1 Two-Terminal to Three-Terminal Test Adaptor   

The Andeen-Hagerling TTA1 test adaptor provides the means to connect ARCO SS-32 and GR1409 style two-terminal standard capacitors to a three-terminal bridge or meter. It also accommodates leaded components and other capacitors having banana plugs with standard spacing. The adaptor can be used with all Andeen-Hagerling capacitance/loss bridges or with other commercial test instrumentation using three- or four-terminal connections.

Prior to the introduction of the TTA1, the GR1620 capacitance bridge provided the only standardised commercial fixture to measure two-terminal standard capacitors. The TTA1 now provides a common platform for measurement comparisons in an easy to use, clearly-labelled fixture that reduces the chances of improper measurements, e.g., by incorrect capacitor insertion. The exceptionally well-characterised inherent capacitance and measurement repeatability of the TTA1 allows the user to assess the DUT's true capacitance value and eliminate the uncertain characteristics and behaviours associated with "home made" fixtures.


  • Standard GR1409 capacitors can be measured in either two- or three-terminal mode
  • Three- or four-terminal BNC jacks accommodate connection to a bridge or meter
  • Five-way binding posts provide convenient connections to leaded components
  • Labelling helps to guide the proper insertion of standard capacitors
  • Additivity of capacitance of stacked GR1409 capacitors is optimised for accuracy
  • Full three-terminal shielding of all internal connections
  • Three year warranty

A PDF datasheet with full specifications can be downloaded via the Documents tab.

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