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CT440 - Optical Component Tester

CT440 - Optical Component Tester
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CT440 - Optical Component Tester
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  • Model: EXFO CT440

Compact tester for fast and accurate characterisation of passive optical components   

CT440 - Optical Component Tester   


  • Fast transfer function measurement
  • Wavelength range: 1240 - 1680 nm (SMF model)
  • PM and PDL options
  • Wavelength resolution: 1 to 250 pm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±5 pm
  • Dynamic range: 65 dB in a single sweep
  • Combines up to four tuneable lasers (SMF type)
  • Four internal detectors, expandable with synchronisation
  • 19" rack compatible with 1U format

EXFO's CT440 features the unique combination of high-speed electronics and optical interferometry. Four integrated detectors can simultaneously measure four channels with a 65 dB dynamic range and ±5 pm wavelength accuracy within a single, fast laser sweep.

Accurate insertion loss measurement
The CT440 integrates a monitoring photodetector to compensate for any power fluctuation coming from the laser source during the sweep. A sampling resolution of between 1 and 250 pm can be set independent of the laser sweep speed, and the built-in wavemeter assures good measurement performance even with a simple tuneable laser source (TLS). The CT440 provides all the features you need for accurate measurements in a single box when interfaced with a TLS and a PC.

Full-Band ready
The CT440 (SMF model) can operate between 1240 and 1680 nm and is fully compatible with EXFO’s T100S-HP series of tuneable lasers. For example, combine the T100S-HP-O+, T100S-HP-ES and T100S-HP-CLU with a CT440 SMF model for full-band testing. When several TLSs are used, the CT440 can automatically switch between the lasers to allow for seamless full-band measurements. The single connection to the DUT means no external switch is required.

PM option
The CT440-PM can test insertion loss of polarisation-sensitive components where a polarisation maintaining fibre is needed between the TLS input and output ports. Two models cover either the O-band (1260 to 1360 nm) with a PM13 fibre type, or the SCL-band (1440 to 1640 nm) with a PM15 fibre type. As a result, those models require polarisation-maintaining tuneable lasers, such as the T100S-HP-O-M or T100S-HP-SCL-M, respectively.

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