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MDE235 - Motorised Fibre Rotator

MDE235 - Motorised Fibre Rotator
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MDE235 - Motorised Fibre Rotator
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  • Model: Martock MDE235

Motorised Fibre Rotator   


  • Slotted design for easy insertion and removal of fibre
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Integral stepper motor drive
  • Resolution < 0.01 degrees
  • Fibre held in variable-force V-groove clamps
  • V-block preset on axis with less than 1 µm concentricity error
  • Stepper drive controllers available with LabVIEW™ drivers
  • Integrates with Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages
  • Supplied with 125/250 µm standard V-groove (Custom sizes available)

The MDE235 is a motorised version of the MDE717 fibre rotator. It includes all the features of the original with the addition of a smooth and accurate stepper motor drive. Designed for the demanding rotation and alignment of angular sensitive components. It can be used anywhere that stable, accurate fibre (US: fiber) rotation is needed.

ActuatorStepper motor
Rotation adjustment  Continuous 360°
Resolution< 0.01° with full step controller
Fibre fixturingFibre held in V-groove by two variable force clamp arms
Clamp loadAdjustable 25 g to 125 g
V-block preset on axis with less than 1 µm concentricity error
Standard V-groove for 125/250 µm fitted
Split spring sleeve retains fibre in slot at the control end

Further options
V-groove custom sizes available
OEM upgrade kits for fusion splicers to facilitate splicing of PM fibre
Custom versions compatible with fibre chucks

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