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MDE2350 - PM Fibre Alignment

MDE2350 - PM Fibre Alignment
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MDE2350 - PM Fibre Alignment
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  • Model: Martock MDE2350

Effective Alignment of Fibre & Components   


The MDE2350 comprises an MDE235 motorised fibre rotator mounted on an Elliot Gold™ Series 3-axis piezo-driven flexure stage. A DAli alignment system is used to maintain alignment while the fibre (US: fiber) is rotated.

Designed for the alignment of angular-sensitive components, the MDE2350 is particularly effective for the alignment of polarisation-maintaining fibre and components.


  • Slotted design for easy insertion and removal of fibre
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Integral stepper motor drive
  • Resolution < 0.01° single step
  • Maximum speed 18°/s (20 s for 360°)
  • Fibre held in variable-force V-groove clamps
  • Standard V-groove for 125/250 µm fitted. (Custom sizes available.)
  • V-block preset on axis with less than 1 µm concentricity error
  • Stepper drive controllers available with LabVIEW™ drivers for auto rotation alignment
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