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MDE722 - Fibre Holder (Mechanical) with Spigot

MDE722 - Fibre Holder (Mechanical) with Spigot
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MDE722 - Fibre Holder (Mechanical) with Spigot
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  • Model: Martock MDE722

Fibre Holder (Mechanical) with Spigot   


  • Very easy to use
  • Clamp force adjustable from 25 to 125 g
  • Contact point on fibre is a resilient pad
  • Holds 125/250 µm fibre with a jacket up to 1 mm diameter
  • Clamp arm swings clear of V-groove for easy loading of fibre
  • Includes 11 mm dia spigot for mating to centring micropositioners

The model MDE722 Fibre Holder features a double V-groove and single clamp arm to hold 125/250 µm fibre (US: fiber) with a jacket up to 1mm diameter. The clamp arms swing clear of the V-groove, and the clamp forces can be adjusted from 25 to 125 g, making the unit very easy to use.

The fibre holder is fitted with an 11 mm diameter spigot that mates with the MDE250 series centring micropositioners. The spigot is slotted for easy insertion of the fibre and the clamp arms can be fitted on either side of the V-groove.

A comprehensive range of fibre holders using vacuum, magnet or spring-loaded clamps is available. User replaceable V-grooves enable the user to work with different fibre sizes economically. Custom grooves are our speciality.


Configuration  Double V-groove and clamp arms for cladding and jacket
Fibre size125/250 µm fibre with up to 1 mm jacket
Fibre clampDouble clamp arms with adjustable force. Clamp arms can be fitted either side of V-groove
Clamp forceAdjustable from 25 to 125 g
Mount11 mm spigot to fit centring mount models: MDE251, MDE250-S, MDE257, MDE257M, MDE276, MDE276M, MDE277, MDE277M


Further options
Custom sized V-grooves (MDE720-xxx/xxx)

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